Just wanted to share a sad story (my story)


If you don’t like drama . You know what to do .

So four years ago I sat beside this girl who seemed not happy . Back then I wasn’t depressed. I had good grades too and I was less confused and worried. So I wanted to make as much friends as I could because my sister told me to make friends. I was kinda shy but I didn’t want to be alone so I pushed myself. I talked to this girl let’s call her Sara. I opened up to her , I made her laugh , I helped her get better grades. We sat together for 5 years straight. She became less sad , she became actually very happy and stated getting good grades. While I on the other hand started getting bad grades, and I started getting sad and kinda depressed.

One day a girl came and sat with us . She asked Sara if she was my best friend. Sara didn’t answer. I never understood why wouldn’t she say yes . Smth was wrong. I mean she would tell me about many things. And then I thought why? Was she shy? Well she used to be but not anymore. Lately she started behaving in really weird way. She started gossiping a lot and doing other things that before she wouldn’t approve.

There was smth wrong. I couldn’t understand what. One day a boy started bullying me and Sara just watched instead of helping me just like I helped her in these situations. Was she afraid? I don’t think so. Lately she had changed from a shy , uncertain girl to a not-shy, confident an brave girl. (All because of my upbringing , what can I say I was the ideal friend ) .

Then she started hanging out with another girl. I don’t mind that. But then she started talking to her all the time and ignore me.

Another day I tried to start a conversation (even though I was anxious as hell I did it) but she totally ignored me. (And I was like bitch what the fuck). The next day I heard Sara say to another girl that I never talked to her. And I was standing right there. (I was like bitch , I tried to talk to you yesterday and you ignored?) but I didn’t talk because I was kinda shocked and maybe dumb .

And then she started getting better grades than me . I asked her to help in one exam and she would make excuses . (Bitch I always helped you in exams and homework no matter what)
I admit I was stupid but I also wanted to ignore these hints that she was a toxic friend , I couldn’t accept the fact that I stayed with this girl for straight 5 years to come to this point!

Another day she comes up to me and says : You almost never talk about anything (I was really depressed in that time) , if you continue like this you will make no friends at all. You have to change .
And those magical words magically cured my sadness and social anxiety . WOW . When she was shy I would always help her and I would never talk to her like she did. I was much more empathetic and kind. The she says: what is wrong with you , you aren’t studying anymore , that’s no good Ana .
I remember that she was really bad with grades and I helped her always. Oh well guess I was dumb back then.

Now the question is why did I become best friend with Saara in the first place? Well because my class had no other good girl. And my school was full of shitty people. Like for real . I’m not being a drama queen it’s all real.

Now I met much better people but I lost my will to make friends. I met this very awesome girl but I just can’t . I don’t know what is wrong with me and I know there is smth really wrong with me .

Sometimes I wish to go in a new place . And I had a chance to do that. But my parents declined because I’ma girl and it;s dangerous for me to go in a foreign country where I don’t know anyone . I agree with them in this point.

Note: Guys you can’t help me, you can support me but you can’t help me for real. I appreciate your support but let’s be real it’s not going to change much . Sorry if I came too straightforward . I really like this community and the good people in it.


I’m so sorry this happened to you! Ugh it must be tough. I hate people that claim to be your friends then don’t help you when you really need it.


yes, toxic people . And the worst thing is that they leave you scars. I find it even harder to make friends because I feel like they will use me again . I know not everyone is like but UGH i can’t help it.


I also think that sometimes friends just drift apart sometimes, but when they go and talk behind your back… :expressionless::triumph::roll_eyes:


yes and it’s not just that it’s many more things she did.
I just wish I never met her or never attended that school.
Actually my dad wanted to take me in another school but my mom said no because it was far away form home. I wish so much that it happened differently but I can’t change the past no matter what.


Yeah… Does she still go to your school?


well yeah but I haven’t talked to her for a year so…
Dude (srr if you are a girl I call everyone dude ) sorry if this is making you tired or feel like i’m complaining. I understand


nah… you’re not… Maybe you should try talking to her again just to see why she did that stuff to you? Maybe now she has a reason.


i kinda cut all ties with her…
and she didn’t even try to hold this friendship.
I have always been the one to mantain this friendship.
But yeah knowing the reason why she did it should help in some way.


Humans can be weird. We all went through this at least once, being used or let down. People leaving without a word or explanation. Or changing into someone we do not recognize and like anymore. :disappointed_relieved:
It’s a part of life, we cannot do much about it. I tried something rather unusual since most of my social life is online. I wrote some instructions and terms of service about me, a Disclaimer, basically a short self-characterisation and what I expect from a “friend”, to minimize wrong expectations and misunderstandings for both sides. It helps, but you still cannot work around the risk of trusting others, and you should not punish new people in your life for the mistakes of others, so try to find a balance. :wink:


Wow Ana this is just unbelievable. I’m shocked and out of words. Well, I’m about to find that Sara “friend” and kick her a** for real. You are a wonderful person because you had the patience and the desire to help this girl and you still didn’t give up even when she talked to you like that. I’m impressed and you deserve to be happy. :slight_smile::heart:


Oh my god , thank you ! You are so sweet.:heart_eyes: I really needed to hear these kind words. Sometimes we invest so much time at the wrong person and wait to get back the same amount of love, patience from them but sadly don’t get it. Life goes on , and we learn important lessons. :slight_smile: :hearts::hearts::hearts:


I bet this was a lesson for you too! You are so right! Life still goes… :heart:




GOSH I CAN RELATE! I am like a broken girl or something but the worst thing about it is that it never heals ! Still to this day, I don’t trust anyone and keep my guard high . It kind of forces me to be harsh near them to show I’m not easy to be friends with . Most of the time , I try to shut off conversations as quickly as possible because I don’t want to talk to them ! It’s super annoying at times but hey, at least you know to be CAREFULL these days! But the issues with it bites back …
A lot of the time , people’s first impressions of me are that I’m always serious , always negative and you can’t even get a reply from me . But that’s not true ! I always laugh at the weirdest things and actually, I just don’t care at what those people have to say about ‘fortnite’ . My face be like : Bruh :confused: .Damn I WENT DEEP! It was interesting to hear your story and Suprised too that other people relate and those people aren’t from drama movies :joy::joy::joy:!


Yes so true everything you wrote . Glad I found too someone I can relate :blush:


Me too


i can totally relate …i used to have a frd like that …its too irritating …i was with her for 7 years …we both were good girls very good in class actually …but then suddenly she become so distant… her grades were just decreasing …i dont know what really happening with her i was too curious too find …now she always makes me feel like i am not cool and nobody wants me and nobody give me attention and bullshit i really want it too but she talks too me like she hates me or pity me dont know auuggh…she become soo mean …but on the other hand i used too be her frd how can i think bad for her…we were frds for 7 year afterall …i was soo dumb stupid…she was hanging with very mean girls they taught her all of this in just one month …i mean my 7 years frdship mean nothing to you changed in one month…now she was like always want boys attention and does all those things which is done by some kind of whore (sorry for using this word) i just dont have words to explain how it feels i was too irritated and frustated and she always uses me with my homework project everywhere…i felt really bad… i can’t tell hoe she makes me feel… she makes me feel likel i am useless or something i was so dumb…i love her a lot i adore her her a lot …and she did this too me …she always thinks like she is soo beautiful and all… and we are nothing in front of her and she was like i should be happy that she used to be my frd …


Same girl . Same ! . I see we have a lot in common and that we almost share the same fate . It was hard for me to make friends after that experience . I hope you got another amazing friend that deserves you. People can be so mean and you suddenly can’t regocnize them


Exactly …but then again …I think why I change myself for someone who doesn’t deserve me at all …why I let her win …by just shutting myself down …I will never change myself no matter what it’s like if u don’t like me get the hell away from me I don’t care…