Justice For George floyd

Hi guys, hope everyone is happy and healthy during this time. just saw what happened to George floyd and It’s very infuriating. please sign the petition I have linked below and share it around to get justice. Read ahead if you need info —

Basically if you don’t know, George Floyd was an African-American man who died due to police brutality. He was pinned down to the floor in handcuffs, with a white cop (Derek Chauvin) leaning on his neck with all his body weight cutting off his breathing. Throughout this process, George was repeatedly crying out things like “Please I can’t breathe.” “My stomach hurts.” “My neck hurts.” And then at one point, George stopped moving. They checked him for a pulse - didn’t find one. People standing by called ambulances. All of this and the cop is still on top of him, choking him. It was infuriating to watch. What was the outcome for these cops? They got fired from their jobs. That’s all - no other repercussions. please keep in mind George was obliging to everything the police were instructing him to do, he was not refusing at all. Just another excuse for a person of colour to be murdered with no consequence. I’m not gonna get into too many details because I would like for you guys to read on it too.

Please sign the petition below for justice for george. Please please please do it, every signature helps. Share the petition everywhere and get justice for him. I decided to share it on all social medias I have to help make a change, please give an effort to make one too. Thank you. Rest in peace George floyd :dove:


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