Juvie Official Roleplay


Juvenile Detention Center ~ it is a prison for people under the age of 18. Those people are often called Juvenile Delinquents

Being a teenager is difficult, emotions change faster than you can express them and hormones rise. For the teenagers in WestSide Juvenile Detention Center in New York life is even tougher. Teenagers whose crimes range from drug use to selling fake IDs are held in this co-ed facility. When the guards are away and the teens are out to play, tensions rise, bonds break and fights erupt. Do you have what it takes to do your time with your sanity intake? Only one way to find out…

Boys and Girls live in different pods, they can communicate with each other during recreational time, classes which they will have to attend during their stay at Juvie, they may get to eat with each other from time to time. There are therapy sessions your character/ characters will have to attend.

You can choose if you want your character/characters to be new to the facility or they could have been in the facility for a while.

You can start relationships with other characters before signing up.
eg: your character could be friends with someone else character

The way your character is treated is based on their: personality, how smart or how strong they are.

Rules for RP
  1. Cursing is allowed but please blur it or put a *
  2. Romance between other characters is fine but please no inappropriate scenes.
  3. Drama is encouraged but please no drama outside the roleplay.
  4. Be respectful to others.
  5. Let people know if you’ll be inactive.
  6. Please make your characters interesting.
  7. Try to not make characters perfect.
  8. Lastly have fun.
Rules of The Facility
  1. Teens must attend all classes (failure to do so will result in punishment.
  2. Fighting will result on the teens being put in segregation for a period of time (that’s only if the get caught)
  3. If found with drugs, alcohol or any weapon punishment can range from being put into segregation or doing extra work.
  4. Teens can’t disrespect or get into physical altercations with guards.

These Rule Can Be Broken

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People Who Signed Up


Those Who Reserved

Note you guys can take as long as you want to finish your character



Two guards stood in the booking area awaiting the teen.s arrival. They just hope this batch of delinquents wouldn’t be as troublesome as the last. From fights to contraband the guards have had enough.

Orp: If your character is now entering the facility the will start in the booking area, there they’ll be escorted to a cell.

Orp: If your character is already in jail you wouldn’t start in the booking area.



I was sitting in the recreational area. I’ve been here. I couldn’t wait to see the newbies. At least I had my best friend here with me. That girl is something else!



They push me off the bus. I wasn’t ready for this. I knew my sister was here somewhere. The guards push me to the booking area. There I wait.

Orp: I don’t remember if Addie was new or not.


I was so happy I was going back to gen pop today and I can see the newbies. I grabbed all my stuff from my segregation cell and was escorted back to gen pop where I had the same cell so I just put everything in there then decided to go see if I can find Bailey. I walked outside and saw her so I walked over to her. “Did you miss me” I said catching her off guard.” I haven’t seen her in a week.



Orp: Addi i’s new


Prison Guard

“Name” I ask the young gentle man.



I get off the bus. I’ve done this a few times already exactly at the Juvie so I already know what to do. I just hate that judge like sentencing me. I walk in and go sit on a bench waiting for when there ready for me. I’m sure some guards will remember me by name but this guard looks new.



Prison Guard 1

“Name, age, date of birth, parents’ names” “After change into this then come over here so we can take your picture”




“Of course I missed you Em! How was segregation? Did you miss me?” She giggled. “Girl you missed some stuff. So watching the newbies?”



“My name is Zack Higgins.” He said to the man. He wasn’t sure how this was gonna go. It was his first time here.


Addie Sanchez

I get off the bus. I’ve been here a time or two. So I know how it works. I walk into the booking area. I wondered if the guard would remember me. It has been a while. This time I got sentence longer since it’s my third strike.



Prison Guard

“Zack please go over there and wait for me” I point him in direction of another boy who was talking to another guard. I then walked over to Addie, its been awhile since she’s last been here “Back again, I see”

@KBaldi93- James mentioned


“Yeah I know the drill. James Smith, 16, parents names are Janet Smith and Ty Smith.” I told the guard the grabbed the clothes they gave me and our them on. I then went to get my mugshot done.

“Segregation is segregation nothing special. Yes I missed you, you goofball. What did I miss now. Yeah I figured I would sincerely I’m finally free of that awful place. Did I just see your brother bails?” I ask her




I go wait where the guard instructed me to go. I stand there and wait. The guy in front of me was talking to the guard.


“Yep. This time I’m here for good. I’m here till I age out. Addie Sanchez.” She smiled at the guard. She wondered if she would get a long with everyone.




“What Zack is here? I wonder what he did. Starting with the names already I see goober.” She giggled. “You missed some fights. Addie got out.”



“Yes bails I saw him or well it looked like him a lot. I’m sure he did something stupid like we did. And maybe I am maybe I’m not. Good for Addie someone deserves to leave this place.” I said with a smile. It felt good to be free(ish) again.



Prison Guard

“Well your good enjoy your stay” I say to James sarcastically “Next, oh Zack Higgens”



I just rolled my eyes. Stupid guards and there snarky comments back. I left and went to the cell they assigned me picked my bunk and made it. I swear my bunkie better be good or we will have issues.



I took a deep breath as I stepped off of the bus and walked in. I was a little nervous about the fact of where I actually was. I made sure to try and stay confident since I was going to be locked up for the next ten years of my life. This is nothing Riley. It can’t be as bad as foster care.



“Yes Zack Higgins.” He said unsure of what else to say. He waited for his next intructions."




She looks to booking. “Was that Addie getting off the bus? She is back. Dang that girl. I wonder what she did this time. I’m gonna beat him. He is only 14. He shouldn’t follow in my foot steps.” She giggled.



Prison Guard

“Change into this prison jumpsuit, and get ready to take your mug shot” “After that you’re good to enter”