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She can be friends with Addie or whatever with addie. I don’t have any relations for Addie yet…


@wildstyle103 do you need help keeping the face claims slides up to date I would be more than willing to help


@fal.renet1398 No it’s fine the reason they’re not up to date is because I was busy last week, but I’ll do it today or tomorrow since I don’t have to go to school.


Hey @wildstyle103 if it isnt too much to ask could you look at the second form I sent in and let me know the name I used I helped fal make hers and she took pics of her forums and I didnt I thought I remembered his name but it was really the name of one of her characters


Brooklyn Ross


Thank you I was really struggling


Did I submit mine or are they still up on my computer completely filled out?


Just wanted to let everyone know I plan to start the rp either today or sometime tomorrow. I’ve also updated the face claim.

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Note you guys can take as long as you want to finish your character


I didn’t get anything from you yet


Your welcome


Hi! I have a question, do you have to take part in the RP everyday?


No, but you can try to be active at least once or twice a week


Okay, well I’m only asking cos I I have school and Basketball practice everyday of the week so I’m going to be super busy.


Ok I’ll submit them when I get home


I have school to so I understand


Does anyone want any more relationships with Chloe and/or Max? Max has been there for two years and Chloe will be new. Maybe any of the new characters?


@16AngelCat did you see that I got the name wrong so I changed it. Maybe brooklyn (The name I had wrong) and Chloe could grow to be friends.


That sounds good!


Hi did you need my faceclaim? Lol it’s below in case you do :grin:



Does anyone want a relationship with my characters ?
Juniper Wilson
Age: 16

Bio~ Growing up Juniper never had parents to guide her. Her mother was a crack addict and her father died during a shot out. Juniper was raised by her aunt, before she ran away. When she lived with her aunt she basically left to her own devices. She dropped out of school by 14, she then started getting into heavy drugs. At one point her addiction was so bad that she would sell her body to get drugs. Because of her upbringing she feels as if she needs to fight just to be heard. She’ll fight anyone who rubs her the wrong way, and has certain triggers that make her snap. She has gotten into many street fights and is a know street fighter.

Personality~ Juniper is unpredictable one minute you could be talking with her and the next minute she’s fighting you. She has major anger issues and she is not one to take disrespect from anyone. She’s loud at times, brutally honest and a bit mean. When she’s having a bad day she can be very rude and it honestly best if you give her some space. Some people may classify her as a bully.