K&C Art Thread (Officially Open!)


Hi everyone! Welcome to The K&C Art Thread! I’m Happy to say me and my forum friends have opened an art thread together. Here at K&C art thread we make overlays, pfp, art scenes, covers, and more!! Our only rules are

  1. no drama
  2. Enter password to to request
  3. Be nice and share art!

    Some of our examples include

image 84bd510cd4467ffec404f26f8e9152cbdb3d6701_1_281x500
image image image

If we accept your request you will receive this

The the art you request will have a watermark on it.
To receive the watermark free version please pm me or @Epy.raven or the person who made your art.

Please come back soon and spread the word! We’d love to make art for you.

Password KCBesties


Omg Taco queen I love it!


Hey! I was wondering if I could have a “to be continued” splash? Pass: KCBesties

I would like it if this character was on it:



Sure! What background do you want?


Yayayyaya bestieeee


This one please!



Sure I’ll start now I’ll be done in 5-10 minuets


Thank you so much!! :grin:


All done. Pm for the non watermark version. We just don’t want people to steal of the thread.


It’s gorgeous!! Thank you!! :heart_eyes:


No Problem!






Hehehe :wink:


:wink: Bump!


shush now :wink: it’ll be our little secret


Don’t worry my lips r sealed :zipper_mouth_face:


Do u do art scenes?


Yes it just depends on the scene needed