K&C Art Thread (Officially Open!)


I need the background/theme and password


this background

pw: KCBesties


Here you r


thank you


Can you do character edits?


Yep! :smile:


Examples please


They r at the top of the thread


Alright, do you have anymore where you did a majority of like makeup such has nails, eyeshadow etc?


You mean that I’ve made myself of just more examples?


More examples of where you did edits with like makeup :joy:


I don’t have a bunch more cause I don’t get those requests that often but I can do them


Alright I’ll be requesting a small cover soon (That’s if your okay with doing it) But I’m about to go eat out with my parents so I’ll probably send details tomorrow if you don’t mind.


That’s fine :grin:


Thanks so much! :heart:


Hi @Kalizzza would you mind If I changed my request to a splash? :thinking:


Omg sorry I’m late
Yea that’s fine


:joy: Its Okay I’m trying to brainstorm how I want the splash to be so I’ll try my best to get it made up, and send deets before Sunday (I’m EST)


Same as me


Hi a long time ago i asked for an example of your artwork and i was wondering who made the art scene where the girl is scared she has grey hair and has like black magic in the middle