K.C offical outline contest


Hello community me and @Kalizzza will be hosting an outline contest

With out any fourther notice lets go to the rules

  1. You must credit us for the outline
  2. You can no be rude or start any drama
  3. You must have it before aguast 28

Well thats all now heres the outline

You can color all of them if you want to or 1




Share your art / drawings

@Kalizzza i need your outline again and the prizes

@Mashia can you resend the banners



Thx star​:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:






















Yay I cant wait to join


Thx for tagging me, I always like a good outline contest!


Can I get the outline in a transparent png?


Which one


Try this

If this was the one u wanted


Thanks! :+1:


I’ll join once I publish my story!!


I don’t understand how this works


Pick an outline u like and color it and enter it in the contest the u have a chance at one of the prizes



What @Kalizzza said




Sure, I’ll PM it :wink:


are there any transparent versions of the outlines?


Thank you so much for tagging me! Im definitely joining! :grin:


Joining!!! Btw, I love ya guys outline!