K drama recommendations?

Does anyone watch K dramas? I’ve watched a lot and im more of a thriller/crime genre type of person than romance. Any thriller/crime K drama recommendations? I recently finished “Beyond evil” it’s actually one of my favourite K dramas at the moment!


Beyond Evil is my absolute favorite k-drama, it’s sooo good.
I’d recommend if you haven’t seen yet Strangers from Hell it’s also a psychological thriller, from the ones I saw this year I enjoyed Mouse-crime thriller/sci-fi though at times it’s kinda…well idk how to explain lol and I had a lot of fun watching Taxi Driver-action/crime.

Well if you like thriller and crime genre then ig you should watch The Penthouse
It has 3 seasons and first 2 seasons are available on youtube and third is on Rakuten viki app

Have u tried - The flower of Evil
This one is totally amazingg…


Well I watch romance genre more :sweat_smile: