K&K Art Thread {Now Open!}


Hi everyone! Welcome to the K&K Art Thread!

My friend and I have a passion for art so we thought “Why not share our art on the forums?”

These are a few of the things we can do:
Art scenes
And more!





Before we begin with the way to request we have a few brief rules.

Be patient

Have fun

No drama

This art thread will host 2-3 contests a month. Here are the upcoming events

The current order of the waitlist is

To place an order you must answer the following:

If you want to join, tag (whomever) on of the pm with the questions

We hope you enjoy our art thread! Make sure to come again! Luv you all :heart:️ and remember have fun!!


Just to let you know the images are not showing up…


Ayya bestie done replace me


Yea I know that’s what I get for coping from my notes


Hahah lol


U haven’t been replaced we still have our thread


Hello everyone and welcome to the K&K art thread! I am one of the artists that is a part of this thread, along with @Kalizzza and more! To learn more about this thread, please click or tap the link below :smile: We hope you enjoy this thread :heart: