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Are you still open?

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Sadly no. This thread hasn’t been active in a long time :sparkles:

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Oh ok

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Are you hiring artists???


This thread is inactive.


Hi, I would like to request four overlays!


Style: Text.
Artist: @MinaMy4531
What kind of overlay do you want?
I want it to say: Memoirs from the Tides
‘The memoirs from the’ would be in this font and color

And the ‘Tides’ would look like this:

Wait nm it’s inactive lmao

Hi, i would like to request a realistic cover for my story please, if anyone can just please message on here and i will give the details

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I think this thread is inactive

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Hi I would like to request! Ur art is so good! But is this shop still active? :grin:

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hi i also want request

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Hello @Chelc are you taking requests for realistic art scenes please because i really need one

Are you open???

I don;t think this is open