K & S Official Art Request Thread! | Status: Open




I was trying some detailed eyes so make it more shiny and realistic!

Make sure to credit @Flynnopily & @Klyye !


Awesome tysm!


Really 69 flynnn and you expect me to do it on my own -.- :wink:


Weeeee realllly need the help!


Sorry I didnt see this, but is there any characters?
Also what kind of art are you requesting?


No characters cover




How bout a half and a half?


Hi I requested a few days ago but got no response…


Sure, I’ll try my best for y’all :purple_heart:


Oops! Sorry I didn’t see your esponse! Terribly sorry! You requested for banners, right?


Yeah I did and thanks for responding :blush:


I’m filling the form out now


Text: Graphic By Camilla Graphics
**Any specific backgrounds?:**Royal Blue Background
Any specific fonts?: Cursive and Font colour: Gold
Anything else?: Can there be a lot of detailing on it ?
1- I ordered this from Abigail. Bauman for my other purposes but I am requesting another because I will use it to protect my art work.

What do you want me to write?:

  • Welcome To Cam’s Background Shop
  • Request Accepted
  • Request Pending
  • Request Denied
  • Request Started
  • Request Accomplished
  • Request Templates
  • Rules
  • Cam
  • Waiting List
  • Examples
  • Rules
  • From Yours Truly, Camilla
    Any specific backgrounds?: White
    Any specific fonts?: Cursive or something Royal and Font colour: Gold
    Anything else?: Can it be a royalty like banners with lots of detailing please

This banners are urgent but I know that there a lot so its ok


I love this thread so much :slight_smile:




Untitled98-12 Untitled98-11 Untitled98-10 Untitled98-9 Untitled98-8 Untitled98-7 Untitled98-5 Untitled98-4 Untitled98-2 Untitled98-3 Untitled98-6 Untitled98 Untitled98-1

Make sure to credit @Flynnopily & @Klyye !


This is awesome !!!


Your welcome! :blush:


Are you able to do an art scene that is something like this? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjsxDY9S4B2r1cWVWYQOwrbx3mOEdGyfnesjaojVLmP9FIbSPp