K&T contest idea feedback

I was wondering about my story idea for the K&T contest entry, if I dont use up my time on being lazy that is, lol.
And would love some feedback on the idea.
It’s not much, but this is what I currently have, still trying to brew more plot and filling out the story idea.


Kissed by an angel

Description/start of plot

Vaira is depressed from the death of her husband Jerah, not moving on. Causing Jerah to be a spirit in the human world, staying behind because he wants to make sure Vaira moves on before he finally leaves.
Azael the angel is sent to guide the loose spirits home, however when meeting Jerah, he refuses to go. Jerah says he will only go if Azael gives Vaira his ring. Azael says yes but lies, Jerah goes off and Azael feels guilty so he watches Jerah’s grave everyday seeing Vaira. Azael takes a choice - to go to the human world and lay the ring on the grave. However, Vaira sees him and it ultimately sets off a trigger of events - for the good and the bad.

I was thinking I would do a vision/flashbacks in the start with a kiss and a few consequences. Then use my story description, but I feel like I’m not really following the contest theme and I wonder if you think its an alright start/fits the theme.

Would love to hear your thoughts :blush:

Okay so honestly, I love this lol. It’s such a cool idea (and kinda has a Dia de los Muertos vibe to it. Have you ever seen Coco or The Book of Life? That’s sorta what I’m thinking of). And, I looked over the rules for the K&T contest, and it literally has to start with a kiss and have things go from there. As far as theme goes, I don’t think it really matters, so long as it follows the whole ‘start with a kiss’ thing.

Taking your idea into consideration, I really do think this could work. This is just a suggestion, so obviously you don’t have to like it or use it or anything (Idek if this was your original plot or not lolol). BUT. What if the intro/kiss/vision started with Vaira and Azael? This could be as far into the future as you want it. And maybe develop that by having the ‘home’ (Idk what else to call it? Afterworld?) be disrupted because, as it turns out, Jerah isn’t ready to move on from Vaira. Also, maybe go into detail of Vaira and Jerah’s life together leading up to his death?

I’m just brainstorming ideas, so this isn’t a perfect plot or the next bestselling book lol. But ofc feel free to use my idea if you want! I’m also open to doing more brainstorming, so you can totally message me if you need somebody to bounce ideas off of. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :heart:
Yes I loved Coco :heart_eyes:
Never heard of The book of life though :see_no_evil:
But yeah, I kinda get what you mean!

And yeah, about the future kiss, was what I wanted to do in start, then slowly go back to the beginning. Telling their story together and how they, everyone met and so!

I was thinking Jerah would be lost at sea after a storm, as they live on an island far away from the main land. And their house was near a cliff, so Jerah got buried at the top of that cliff.

I would appreciate that a lot, thank you, def will pm you later about stuff. But for now I need sleep or rest before I have to go to a meeting in 3h ish :see_no_evil: :joy:

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