K&T story r4r! (Or regular r4r)

Thanks. Love that cover girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m tagging you on ig as I complete


Finished! Great job @TamiRose, I loved the attention to detail

Here are my story details
Title: K&T: Faces from the past
Author: Alexandraaaa
Genre: Romance, Mystery
Story description: After a memory loss that wasn’t of your own doing, you are found by a group of teenagers who you must rely on to find your old self. Will a kiss help you remember your old life?
Chapters: 3 (more coming soon)
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6632143517974528

All done. I like the idea that a kiss can bring back lost memories. And the MC seems very sweet. Thanks for doing r4r @^*^@

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Glad you enjoyed it! <3

Loved it

Hi Tami, I liked it a lot.
A sassy MC ready to show her father she is ready to takeover.



I wanted to PM this part, but I couldn’t.
I really like the concept. Strong woman taking on the business world.

The fight over the coffee made me laugh a lot. :joy:

When MC argues with her father, the zooms used give the feel of a spectator following an argument, nice!

On that scene, MC scales up when leaving.

When MC is changing clothes the shoes she trips on a big for a second before scaling to the right size.

On the college flashback, some speech bubbles are on Neoni’s face.

When Sam goes pick MC they disappear for some seconds after the door opening.

On the closet, I love the sentence but Neoni stays frozen after she complains with Sam.

Sam keeps doing the loop animation.

After the very awesome dressing game, Sam pops in the scene.

When doing the over the shoulder scene between Neoni and Reid, one of the BG walks between them.

The waitress is lucky I can’t strangle her over the phone :innocent:

On the scene with the twins, the overlays popped up, then the characters, then they changed clothes.
I hope I didn’t offend you with what I found, I didn’t write more because I’m sleepy now

The waitress part is killinggggg me :rofl::rofl::rofl::sob:

Thank you for pointing those out and of course I’m not offended lol :woman_facepalming:t4: gah everything worked fine when I quadruple checked it but running on sleep I gave up :expressionless:

I started yours but need to finish it. Will send yah SS soon.

@misskitty16 I’ll start urs soon and SS yah. Thanks :blush:

Mobile phone instead of wifi can be the reason I saw all of it :sweat_smile:

Ah gotcha lol now I’m having a mental breakdown because I can’t jump in and fix anything :sob: oh well lol…

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Take a breath. As I said I was running on mobile data maybe that’s why some of them happened.

I totally get what you mean…

Here you go, very cool story and plot. Awesome directing. But uh, next time don’t put me in chemistry class because I hate it :sob::rofl:

@misskitty16 All done and enjoyed yours as well.

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thank u!

Thank you :blush:
I will think about you request :rofl:

Yay all my nitpicking paid off! The glitches were not that noticible :partying_face:

lol yeah it did, I can tell you put a lot of work into it.

And yes no more chemistry quizzes :sob:

Also anyone who pops on here,

How’s this cover? Honest opinions pls.

Since y’all have already my story, does this cover fit? Fun, flirty and mysterious?

@Alexandraaaa @misskitty16 @Grottino

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Lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: and mysterious

I will think about your request :smiling_imp:
Seriously, there will be no more chemistry

lol nah you didn’t make it too hard where we couldn’t get out of it or we had to restart but enough to make us think a little. It’s perfectly balanced.

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i love it