Kaiden's Animated Intro Requesting Thread



Hi, welcome to my Animated Intro request thread. My name is Kaiden, and I’m trying to get better with coding…so I’m starting to make Animated Intros! I have one simple example of a animated intro I made on my Instagram @kk.episode6

  1. Reply to this thread down below with your Instagram username. however if you do not have one, please tell me down below and I will message you on here :arrow_down_small:
  2. As soon as I see your comment, I will DM on Instagram OR PM you on here (the forums)
  3. When I’m finished coding your Moving Intro, I will put it all on a google doc and share it with you. The rules and directions will all be placed on the document.
  4. You Must Give Me Credit When Using My Work. You Must Credit @kk.episode6 On Instagram.

Here Are The Question You Will Need To Answer In Order For Me To Make Your Very Own Animated Intro;

  1. Title Of Your Story
  2. Authors Name
  3. The Estimated Publishing Date
  4. The Genre Of Your Story
  5. The Description Of Your Story
  6. A Detailed Description Of What You Would Like Your Moving Intro To Be Like
  7. How Many Characters Do You Want To Be In It?
  8. All The Characters Details And Names
  9. All The Characters Ages (not Mandatory)


My insta is Mimi.0829


Great! I’ve DMed you on Instagram!


My insta is Epiosde_Flawless


Awesome! I’ve DMed you!


My Instagram: im.meow.gangster