Kaila's Emergency Art Shop

Hi! Long story short, I opened up my school laptop today to find the screen pretty messed up (a partially broken LCD screen, to be exact). I’m not sure how this happened, but the problem is that this is not my laptop, and I’m due to return it to my school soon. I can’t return it broken and I have to pay for it’s repair ASAP. I have no source of income at the moment, so I am opening paid commissions. I am currently trying to raise $50 USD.
I can create custom drawn icons, covers, splashes and art scenes for your story; I can also do art for any fandoms, OCs and more.
Once again, these are paid commissions. I accept payment through deviantArt points, Venmo and PayPal only. If you do not want to commission me, please consider donating any amount to my venmo or simply bumping this thread. Thank you so, so much!
Previous Works and Commissions:

My base prices are the following, but I am happy to negotiate prices based on your budget. However, the cost often fluctuates on a commission to commission basis depending on what they include.
Busts/Icons: $7.00 USD/700 points
Halfbodies: $10.00 USD/1000 points
Fullbodies: $13.00 USD/1300 points
Scenes: $20.00 USD/2000 points

For more information and for how the pricing works, please check my official commission page here.

To prevent people from jumping in and asking for whatever, I will include my TOU and form in the reply to this post.

Thanks again for your time!


Please read my official commission page here for more information on pricing! Thank you. (Also, ignore that it says scenes are closed, I’ll be fixing that whenever I get my hands on a working laptop.)


  • OC X OC
  • Fandoms
  • Light gore and gutspill
  • Light violence
  • Blood


  • Furries, mecha, or bara
  • Heavy violence, gutspill or gore
  • Super complex designs, backgrounds or poses
  • Aged up characters for ships
  • Fetish art, erogore or porn


  1. If any of your personal terms of services invalidate any of my rules, please do not commission me.
  2. I try to keep my watermark small, so please do not edit it out.
  3. Yes, you may post this on Instagram/Twitter/Toyhouse/Episode/etc! Please be sure to @ me!
  4. If you are to use my work in an Episode story, please give me proper credit.
  5. My artwork is not to be sold for profit. I retain full copyright over that piece.
  6. Commissioners are not entitled to a free updated artwork when my art skills improve (but I am happy to redraw anything with payment).
  7. Literally just be a decent person.



Please contact me either on Twitter (@uandurfriends), deviantArt (@videocult), Instagram (@video.cult) or with a PM here.
Name: —
Comm type: —
Refs: —
Preferred way of contact: —
Poses, details, personality, whatever you’d like in your commission: —
Your story name: —

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Your artwork is beautiful!

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I would love to help you out if I could, I just don’t have the money, and your art is very much worthy of it, however I’m sorry to say this community isn’t big on paying people for their work for the most part.

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