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Hi! I’d really like to read and discover some great stories so I’ll be reviewing some.
If you’d like me to review your story then you need to know that if I’m not intrigued by the first taps then I will not review it. This is also MY opinion

Episodes Published:
Rank: -mainly looking for smaller authors but anything is fine!

I will be judging you on mainly your grammar, directing, and plot


Hey, I saw your thread pop up and I was wondering if you’d be willing to read what I have so far of my unpublished story? It’s only around the first 12 minutes of what I’ve got prepared for the first episode though, so it’s not terribly short :sweat_smile:


I would love a review!
Here’s my story:
Name: Girl of Deception
Genre: Adventure

Thank you in advance :heart:


Hi there!
Thank you for creating this thread! I’d love to get some feedback on my story. Here are the details:
Title: Lie to Me
Author: Alexandra Mar
Description: After only serving 3 years of a 25 to life sentence, Aiden Suarez is mysteriously released. But wait, what’s that? Oh right, “Aiden Suarez” no longer exists.
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6378501067505664


I just published my story and I would love it if you would give it a read!

Story Title: In a Starry Night
Author Name: Fatima Al star
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance/drama
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon!)
Story Description: Rose goes thorough a lot of difficulties that will lead her to find secrets that were hidden for years! Will she ever find happiness and love? (Choices matter)
Instagram Name: @fatima_stories
Story Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5756418218131456

Story cover



Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: Dreamer
Summary: Scarlet had a rough past and it looks like it’s not getting better after she was bought by some mysterious guy. Will she ever turn her life from a nightmare to a dream?
Genre: Romance
Episodes Published: 6, more coming soon
Rank: right now 10473, but it changes almost every hour, my best rank was 1200
Note: It seems like a cliche story, but there are some plot twists that show not everything’s what it seems to be.


Tittle : Search For love
Author : Sigma.fr
Genre : Drama
Instagram : Sigma.fr.writes
Episodes: 5 (more coming soon)
Description : Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?
Link : http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5548786201264128



Hey, thank you for creating this thread. I would love for you to review my story.:slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.

Author: S_Unique

Title: The Four Horsemen

Genre: Fantasy

Style: Ink

Description: 4 Sins. 4 Angels fell. 4 Horsemen rose. A curse was casted. And the battle of good vs evil is about to begin. CC/ Choices matter

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5482099054608384


I’d like to get a review!
Story Title: No changes after a year
Author: Teddy’s Dollhouse
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/6385627538259968
Light Summary: Zen had a beautiful childood together with his father until his 10th birthday. Everything changed after he met a woman who claims to be his mother.
I didn’t publish my story yet.


Hello hello! I’d like to get a review of my story! Honesty is key :smiley:

This is my story :slight_smile:


Title: Loving You Again

Author: Fluffy Rice

Style: Limelight

Chapters: 7 (Ongoing)

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Description: Childhood friends reunited after 10 years. Sierra & Peter reunite after an unexpected meeting. How can they mend their friendship to account for the missing years they were apart?

This story is based on a true story, my life actually.

Instagram: @fluffyrice.episode

LINK: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/4771951097544704


Title: Music in our hearts
Author: Mary-P
You’re a straight A student with a passion for art but don’t have any talent. When a mysterious voice leads you to 3 Muses of the Mythology, magic offers you a new perspective.
Genre : Fantasy
Episodes Published: 3
Rank: Rank: 17780 ( #2471 Fantasy) 59 reads.


Hi @xGreeni! Are you still interesting in reviewing, reading, and discovering new stories? If so, then please check out my new story! Details listed below.

*Title: Our Galaxies Intertwined
*Author: Natty James
*Summary: When danger comes to Earth in the form of a sexy, alien intrigue and drama follow when he falls for shy girl, Genevieve.
*Genre: Fantasy
*Episodes Published: 3 (more coming soon)
*Rank: Very small since this is a brand new story, just published yesterday! LOL

I published the first 3 chapters last night and I would really appreciate your thoughts, feedback, and support!!

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/msnattyjames

Episode link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5776939295834112

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

Please read and let me know what you think!!

Story Bio:
When danger comes to Earth in the form of a sexy alien, intrigue and drama follow when he falls for shy girl, Genevieve.


Hey! I`d love to get a review!
Story title: Let the demon inside
Author: Nierido
Genre: Supernatural romance
Description: You have to move back to Dimwood. What will you find there? Love, death or supernatural friends?
Number of episodes:5
Story style: Limelight


Story title: Hunt or get hunted
Author: owlquest
Genre: adventure/ fantasy/ romance
Description: The darkness will overcome the light in the end of the day. But will you survive or drown with the other monsters that is lurking in the shadows?
Number of episodes: 6
Style: INK
Rank: 304 in adventure


Story name: Teacher or Queen?
Author: Mystique
Genre: Drama
Description: After years of searching she had finally found them. Can she get close to them?
Her destiny is about to change forever. What will she choose - who will she become?
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5874052041146368
Chapters: 5 and it would be great if you could take a look at all of them but I understand if you can’t do it.


Isn’t it a bit harsh, to turn it down a story after a few taps? Most stories need some time do develope. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please check it out and let me know what you think!
Title: Opposite in Harmony
Author: Pheebsnomenal
Genre: fantasy/adventure/romance
After 1412 years, Aimie finally decides to visit Earth and that is when her life turns up side down. She finds out that sometimes you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Her perfect family seems to be hiding all kind of secrets from her. Will she ever find her way back to her family even if that means living a lie? Or will she choose to abandon everything she ever knew and live an honest life with her new friends?
Episodes published: 9
Rank: 4565



Title: Sophisticated & Deceived
Author: Briana M.
Summary: Ashden, a 26 year old young woman learns that life isn’t about being emotionless and too sophisticated. Will a guy help her explore her emotions in life?
Genre Romance
Episodes Published: 17 ~ONGOING~
Instagram: @brianam.stories
Rank: #85291


Title: Thrill of the Hunt
Author: Azaria Sin
Summary: A deranged serial killer is hunting street workers! You’re a detective paired with a beautiful man: will you capture the intelligent the psychopath while warring lust and personal demons.
Genre Mystery/Thriller, secondary romance and comedy
Episodes Published: 13 :slight_smile:
Rank: -Really proud to say for a story that has been steadily increasing reads (153 since July), I’ve fluctuated between 6000 range to the highest being #75 a few days ago. It does increase again depending if I release a chapter :slight_smile:

Also heads up, I’ve gotten mixed feedback on length. I’m aware the first 2 episodes are rather long, even when it grabs attention (really regret not splitting the two episodes instead, but late for that now lol. I really would like critique more on writing, grammar and directing tbh, since I’ve improved on trimming down length after the first 3 episodes a bit. Opinions about pacing and characters would actually be great too.


Title: Aching for the bad girl
Author: olivia Carlson
Summary: When a flirtatious jerk moves to Evelyn’s town, the new era of double trouble begins. Will Evelyn be able to resist his charm?
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 3