Kaitlyn's Splash/Title Cards Requests


Hello! Today I’ll be making splashes for people! I can make title/end cards along with splashes. All I ask is credit at the beginning or end of each episode that you use them (I will be checking and “I forgot” is not an excuse.)

If you’d like one let me know which type you’d like and I will pm you for details!

In Need Of Cover/Splashes

Splash for @Siani


hi is this thread still open?


It is!


thank u so much well please may i have a splash
i will send the detail now


the splash i would like it too say to follow me on my panther on snapchat


can you do that?

  1. Colors

  2. Any Characters? (Ink or Limelight) + details

  3. Snapchat name


1.rainbow dm how you mix it
2.Ink and i will screen shot the character


Can you actually send me her character details instead of a screenshot


ok thats fine


brows:thick flat
hair:beach wave
eyes:upturned feline
face:soft heart
nose: elven
lips :classic


color for lips, eyes and hair?


color lips:ruby red
colour hair:auburn


do you want me to pick an outfit?


yes please
but can she be wearing an ear piece


what pose should she be in?




thanks! I’ll get it to you in a moment!


thank u!