Kalizzza don't leave we all love you

But it’s your choice in the end.

I dont even know if were friends so I cant really put any judgement upon it

I think you hate me but here
The forums need you
You are a very pretty girl
You are one of the best artist I know
You always support me from time to time and trust me alot which I enjoy
Your art is off the charts
Who is going to come to me eveytime you have a problem and need guidance
Take a breath
Count to ten
Drink water
Calm down and think about happy stuff
You got friends and family that love you a lot
If you leave some people might not be as joyful
Tell yourself you wont let a bit of trobule make you leave the forums
Be strong in your mind and soul
Take and break and come back stronger
Ignore those people
Do whar’s best for you
Do light exercises
Feel happy abou tlike
Picture a very happy place when you feel centered
Spend time with your famly
Remember your an awesome person and star even if sometimes you turn completely against me
Close your eyes and relz
Peopel rely on you alot
Drama will make your life misserable sho it whi’s boss
After what I just said I wish you would do the same for me

Honestly, I will say do what’s best for you and ONLY for you. I don’t want to write a long paragraph as I am already tired and didn’t have enough sleep. But what @JemU776 said I 100% agreed with her.

It can be very stressful at times when the forums get too toxi, or having toxi or negative people, too much of drama, etc and sometimes you just want to lash out but better yet don’t focus too much on it as it will might affect you. But don’t permanently leave from the forums. Just take a long relaxing break away from this forums and focus on you, your needs, your happiness basically your priorities first. The rest can come later and we will welcome you back again with a warm sweet large forum (since we can’t do it with arms on here, lol. So it might be a large forum of people and including me will welcome you back)


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the story of Kalizzza leaving the forums . . . interesting Is there romance involved?

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nicely said