Kalizzza’s Art Boutique!


In need of anything artsy?! Well you’ve come to the right place! I can provide beautiful art in the forms of
•Profile Pictures
•Covers (large and small)
•Character Edit

Here are some examples!

Anything you don’t see but want?
Pm me and I’ll see what I can do!:wink:
Thanks for stopping by!!

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Like I said, your examples look beautiful.
Why is everyone here so talented? :sweat_smile::thinking:


Thx. And idk. Make sure u spread the word.


I’ll try :slight_smile:


It looks booootiful!


Hmm…is your last example just a sample or did someone request it?


My last example is just a sample. Why?


Thx frosty


Oh, no reason! Just wondering…cause someone requested a similar art piece. I guessed we found the same background. :+1:


Oh must have. I just made These earlier and got the background from google. Lol


I just realised you’re doing a cover thingy for me rn…Wow.




It’s rare to find someone so talented helping out beginners like me! I adore writing yet drawing is like a curse! :joy:


Aww thanks but I don’t think I’m that good


I would still consider myself a noob artist too


Don’t put your self down! Be persistent and one day…you will fail but you will need to pick yourself up again! that’s just how legends work.






I came to support my bestie


Nice…Now that is what you call Bestie support! Keep going!