Kalizzza’s Korner {For requests} *Temporarily closed* to raise skill


Hey, it’s Kalizzza! I wanted to make another topic to make edits and cover art for you! I can make splashes, cover art, edits, and backgrounds! If you need any art done pleas come on down!:blush::grin:


Here is what you need to submit for me to get started

Password: TheKKorner


Did you edit your character clothes?


Yea! Sadly I deleted my example so I can’t show you.:slightly_frowning_face:


It’s ok. It’s nice. What apps do you use?


IbisPaint X for art
Phonto for text


The outfit you made is super dupe cute :slight_smile:


The outfit on my avatar wasn’t made by me. But I do edit clothes.


I really need cover art. If we could dm on Instagram about the details, that would be great! my @ is @xxtiara.episode


Is it ok if we pm?? I don’t have insta


yh that’s fine too