:orange: Kana's Proofreading Shop 2.0 :orange: [CLOSED]


Reason: To catch up with requests and because my computer broke down.

This is the same proofreading shop I owned just on a new topic due to the last one being closed.

Don’t trust your English skills? Need someone to double-check your grammar? Have troubles with the goddamn punctuation?

Hi, I’m Kana and I would love to help you! This is Kana’s Proofreading shop where I help you with your Episode story troubles. With a small fee (it’s not real money, it’s episode gems) and your permission to edit your script (through google docs), we are good to go!

What I do:
  • Proofreading:
    I am willing to proofread your script. I take about two to three days to finish a chapter and it’s ALL done in a google doc. Meaning you copy-paste your script/dialogues in a google doc and I edit the grammar and punctuation. There will be no logging into your portal account and editing the stuff directly there, so don’t panic. I take about two to three days to finish a chapter, (if you are lucky, I might finish it on the day you send the files to me).

To reassure you that I know what I’m doing, I got an A for my English as first language GCSE exam. (Don’t know if that’s proof enough. Oh, well. :sweat_smile:)


:raspberry: Proofreading per chapter: 5 GEMS

:gem: Packages :gem::
Proofreading for 3 Chapters: 12 GEMS

I will be accepting only THREE people at a time. So once three people take that spot, this shop is closed until I’m done with their request. This is to assure I don’t feel burned out and you get the best quality of proofreading possible. Password is Potato Tomato. First come first serve!

Interested? Okay, here’s what you gotta do.

STEP 1 :
Reply to this topic, tell me your name, how many chapters, what kind of service you are interested in (proofreading or package), and the password.

STEP 2 :
I will DM you and tell you your next instructions. The next instructions usually just consist of how you will pay me (through my story) and all.

It’s that simple!

NOTE: Please do not pay anything BEFORE I DM you. This way, I can confirm that you have paid your fees and any arrangements before we start this project!

:lemon: Customers :lemon:

  • @/Yepitsme (1 chapter pending) - not recieved
  • @/LadybugAuthor (5 chapters pending) - not recieved

:cherry: Done :cherry:

  • @/HazelJ x 2
  • @/saleem.episode
  • @/ciaraxoxoc
  • @/cherii_epi
  • @/emma_episode_author x 2
  • @/Jazz5
  • @/E.S.C


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Gl with your shop! I may come to get your proofreading services :blob_hearts: :blush:

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Thank you!

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Great! I’ll send you the script soon.

1 chapter
And proofreading
Password: PotatoTomato

her is Password is Potato Tomato.

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Just sent you a DM.

All spots are open! If there’s anyone you know who needs scripts to be proofread, share this shop! Can’t wait to work with you guys!

2 chapters proofreading
Password: Potato Tomato.

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Just sent you a DM

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Hey, I’m interested in a proofreader for longer. Is it possible that you could check all my chapters before publishing them? For now I have 3. But I plan many.

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That is possible. Every time you need new chapters to be proofread, just dm me, pay the gems and send me the script. I will be happy enough to proofread your chapters for you.

That’s great :blush: can we exchange insta? I think it would be easier to text there.

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So my insta is kana_epi

3 chapters
Password: Potato Tomato

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Just sent you a DM

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