:raspberry: Kana's Proofreading Shop :raspberry: [OPEN]

Don’t trust your English skills? Need someone to double-check your grammar? Have troubles with the goddamn punctuation?

Hi, I’m Kana and I would love to help you! This is Kana’s Proofreading shop where I help you with your Episode story troubles. With a small fee (it’s not real money, it’s episode gems) and your permission to edit your script (through a google docs), we are good to go!

What I do:
  • Proofreading:
    I am willing to proofread your script. I take about two to three days to finish a chapter and it’s ALL done in a google doc. Meaning you copy paste your script/dialogues in a google doc and I edit the grammar and punctuation. There will be no logging into your portal account and editing the stuff directly there, so don’t panic. I take about two to three days to finish a chapter, (if you are lucky, I might finish it on the day you send the files to me).

To reassure you that I know what I’m doing, I got an A for my English as first language GCSE exam. (Don’t know if that’s proof enough. Oh, well. :sweat_smile:


:raspberry: Proofreading per chapter: 5 GEMS

:gem: Packages :gem::
Proofreading for 3 Chapters: 12 GEMS

I will be accepting only THREE people at a time. So once three people take that spot, this shop is closed until I’m done with their request. This is to assure I don’t feel burned out and you get the best quality of proofreading as possible. Password is Potato Tomato. First come first serve!

Interested? Okay, here’s what you gotta do.

Reply to this topic, tell me your name, how many chapters, what kind of service you are interested in (proofreading or package), and the password.

I will DM you and tell you your next instructions.

It’s that simple!

NOTE: Please do not pay anything BEFORE I DM you. This way, I can confirm that you have paid your fees and any arrangements before we start this project!

:lemon: Customers :lemon:

:cherry: Done :cherry:

  • @/HazelJ
  • @/saleem.episode
  • @/ciaraxoxoc
  • @/cherii_epi
  • @/emma_episode_author

Hey! I would like you to proofread my story! I would like for you to proofread 3 chapters but I only have one complete one as of right now. (aka i’m interested in the package)

Potato Tomato

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Hello! I’d love to have you proofread my story (3 chapters-package). Potato Tomato

Hi there! It seems I’m unable to start a message. It’s possible you put your profile under private. Shoot me a DM so we can discuss the arrangements for your story.

I actually need 3 chapters prof read. And i be happy to give 12 gems for it

Hi there! Sorry, but there’s no spots open anymore. I will come back to you when a spot opens up.

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Okay, thought there where since only one had posted. And you said You did two people

But thats fine i have no rush

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DMed you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there! I’m done with the last request and there’s a spot open. Would you like to take that spot?

Thanks, but someone els offerd.

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Hi! I have a question about the gems. You said to be able to proofread, we need to pay for your service with gems. How does it work exactly? Do we spend gems in your story?

I’m just curious and yes, I’m looking for a proofreader. :smile:

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So I DM you, I give you my story link, you skip the first chapter and in the support the author section, you pay the amount needed. Then you send me a screenshot to confirm you have payed, you send me your script through a google doc and I start editing.

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Thanks for clarifying! :smile:

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I need a proofreader, The proofreader I had I don’t think she’s available I was supposed to publish a couple week’s ago I got caught up I was stressed I’m almost finished with the first four chapter’s will you be able to proofread it also I can do the gem payment that isn’t a issue.

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Are you free today or tomorrow. I’ve been busy I’ll do the gem payment in a hour or two.

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Hey @KanaMoon I’ll like of you can proofread my story :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, Will read your story and give gems when you reply :relaxed:

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You can send the payment screenshots and your scripts anytime. You don’t have to wait for me to be online.

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The shop is open once again! My exams are over and 2 more spots are open. Can’t wait for the new scripts!