:raspberry: Kana's Proofreading Shop :raspberry: [OPEN]

All three spots are open! Anyone who needs their story proofread can request. Can’t wait to edit your scripts!

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I need proofreading for 1 chapter. Are you still open?

@HazelJ I am not the owner of this shop but the title says open and @KanaMoon said they were open 12 days ago, so I’m assuming the shop is open!

I commented here 3 days ago but the op did not respond. I deleted my comment because someone offered to proofread for me but changed her mind. So I just want to confirm if this shop is still open :woman_shrugging:


Hi there! Sorry, this month is a pretty busy week. I’m sorry but the shop is going to be temporarily closed for a while to sort some my life out a bit. I apologize again for the inconvenience and trouble I caused.

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Np. Tag me when you’re open again :two_hearts:

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