Katherine's Art Shop (Character Card/ Mood board/ Story Card/ Banner) 🍋 [Open]

During the quarantine, I realised I can sorta make character cards, mood boards, story cards and banners. So I thought why not open an art shop (sorta) hahahaha! :joy:

  1. Credit me @episode_katherinee:
    I don’t get paid to make your request, all I ask is a credit/ tag me whenever you use any of the work I created.

  2. Don’t rush me:
    I’m the only one here in the art shop, I’ll try to complete your request ASAP.

  3. No custom pose/ outfit/ overlays:
    Just no.

  4. Actually use what I created for you & No Thread Hopping:
    This means, don’t order the same thing from another shop or ask me to remake what others have made for you… It’s not fair for me and the other artist.

  5. Don’t request more than 3 at the same request:
    This is ensuring that I could complete everyone’s requests and it’s fair for everyone who requested before you. If you want to request 3+, do it in small batches!

  6. Fill in one of the forms below:
    If you don’t, I can’t accept your request.

If you agree with the rules above, then fill in the form with the password: I will credit you Katherine! :blob_sun: .

Character Card - Style 1

Character Card - Style 2

Story Card



PS: If you don’t agree with the rules above nor not including the password, I won’t start making your request!

Character Cards
  • INK or LL:
  • Style 1 or Style 2:
  • Gender of the Character(s):
  • Name of the Character(s):
  • Character(s) details (e.g Hair colour, Eye shape):
  • Outfit:
  • Extras (E.g. Tattoos/ Nose studs):
  • Background:
  • Pose (Episode Animation - e.g. idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop):
  • Anything else?:
  • Password:
Story Card
  • Story Title:
  • Author:
  • Description:
  • Small Cover:
  • Background (optional):
  • Features (CC, Art scenes, Customization, LI, Featured on shelf, Genres…etc):
  • Instagram:
  • Password:
  • How does the character looks like? (an image of it would be okay):
  • Character Outfit:
  • Character Extras:
  • Character Personality:
  • Describe your character (e.g. backstory):
  • What does he/ she likes or hobbies:
  • Colour Theme (I’ll try to include this colour):
  • Character Muse (Optional):
  • Password:
  • How many banners:
  • What you want each banner to say:
  • Background:
  • Theme?:

This art shop is run by myself only and I don’t get ANY pay from making all of your requests! All I ask is to credit/ tag me whenever you’re using any of my work.

It would mean a lot if you could support me by reading any of my stories and follow me on Instagram @episode_katherinee :see_no_evil: :revolving_hearts::

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I am slowly working on your request, but feel free to request in the meantime and I will try to reply & work on it asap!

  1. @/april_episode - Character Card x 1
  2. @/scarlettm - Character Cards x 3
  3. @/Sunset_Shimmer - Story Card x 1
  4. @/Sky_writesepi - Character Cards x 2
  5. @/Alison3 - Story Card x 1 + Character Card x 1
  6. @/aimee_episode - Character Card x 1 + Moodboard x 1

Hey, I love your examples! Thanks for this thread! I would love a character card, please! Would you be opposed to doing two? I understand if you have a one at a time rule though!
Here is the main card I would love, please!

  • INK or LL : Limelight
  • Style 1 or Style 2 : 1
  • Character(s) details :
    Skin: rose 02
    Brow: furrowed raised S
    Hair: small ponytail wavy - black
    Mouth: Fair neutral matt full lower lip sharpe
    Eyes: Deepset downturned lidded emerald green
    Face: Chiseled angular
    Nose: Straight narrow
  • Name of the Character : Ryder
  • Background : Anything horror/scary is fine!
  • Pose (Episode Animation - e.g. idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop) :
  • Outfit : chained accessories ripped jeans denim black, printed shirt leatherjacket leather black shirt white, checkered slip on shoes cotton grey black, large studs plastic grey black, freckles heavy (08-10)
  • Extras : He has the heaviest freckles, and he has the plastic black earrings
  • Anything else? :

Password : Hey Katherine :blob_sun:


Hey @medusa.jett !

Absolutely! I don’t mind making two character cards for you! :blob_sun: I’m really glad that you like my examples…

PS: What kind of animation would you like Ryder do by the way and are you okay with the rules that I wrote above? :butterfly:


Awww thank you! I’ll send the details in just a moment!

I am more than okay with the rules!
For his animations, hmmm. I can’t think of a good one for him. He’s very stoic, if that helps :rofl:


I edited my comment and added the password! My apologies, it is hard to blur the password on mobile, but I am on my laptop again now!


No worries at all! Take as much time as possible! You can even put the second character details on the post above if you like! :see_no_evil: :blob_hearts:

Thanks for requesting by the way! I’ll go and create your card now~


not a request but your work is so pretty :pleading_face::pleading_face:


Perfect ! Thank you so much, lovely! I also decided I think the “eyeroll_subtle_atcamera” is perfect for Ryder!


Awww thank you so much!


Awesome! I’ll make sure Ryder would have that animation on your card~ :upside_down_face:


[quote=“episode_katherinee, post:1, topic:481259”]

  • INK or LL : LL
  • Style 1 or Style 2 : Style 1
  • Character(s) details :
    Skin: gold 02.
    Brow: Arched natural black
    Hair: beach wave black
    Eyes: Round medium brown black
    Face diamond defined contour
    Nose: defined natural
    Mouth: small heart - red deep gloss
  • Name of the Character :
  • Background : Same as ryders!
  • Pose (Episode Animation - e.g. idle_armscrossed_shifteyes_loop) : flirt_coy_atcamera
  • Outfit : leggings plain latex neutral black, backpack quilt stitched open top leather grey black, pull tab yellow stitched rubber heel boot matte leather black snake skin, nose stud silver, distressed jean jacket open denim blue, fishnet bralette thick band top cotton grey black
  • Extras :
  • Anything else? :

Thank you!! <3


Thanks for sending the details! What’s her name by the way? :smiley:


No, thank YOU girl! <3 Sorry if I was a little complicated to work with. :c
My name is Medusa LOL


Oh my god don’t apologise! You’re all good~

Hahahahah so the second character is you! :stuck_out_tongue: Whoopssss


Thanks when do u think this can be done by I need it asap


I should’ve specified that! My apologies :see_no_evil:




Hahahahah all good! :joy:

I just finished making the character cards! Please let me know if you want to change anything! :lemon:


Ah! So since you request two character cards, I’ll get it done in about 2 hours? :sweat_smile:

PS: When do you need the cards by the way and are you okay with the rules I wrote above?