KatieI’s MC Contest!

In really struggling with an idea for an MC so I thought I’d make someone them!

Closes Novermber 18th

How to enter! :point_down:
All I need is an edit of your episode character and a description of them! (Personality etc)

•Entries after the deadline will not be counted.
•Be respectful.
•Do not I repeat, do not steal anyone’s work!
•Have Fun! :grin:

If you win, I will PM you details I need!
Thank you everyone :slightly_smiling_face:


~Katie :purple_heart:


Like this?

Personality: Nice, loving, mean to people who cross her or hee friends, loves animals and writing loves stories, loves love, like to get dirty like work on cars, dresses how ever she feels will go out in a lobster costume, loves kids, hates people who judge, like guns and violence

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Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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However, I just updated the thing a little.

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Not many entrants :joy:

I’m joining if I have time.

Is it still open?


lmao i’m trash at edits but good luck to all who do enter :slight_smile:

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Bump! Entries close in 4 days, I have barely any at all :joy:

do you need a female or male?

I don’t mind!

name Maya
she is a badass, she is only loving with certain people, very sarcastic, if you are rude or fake she will fight you, knows what she wants, likes reading, loves surfing, and loves car racing.
(btw she has freckles)

Joining joining joining!

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Closing in 3 days!

Heather :slight_smile:

She’s sweet, kind hearted, trustworthy, fearless, indecisive, adventurous, doesn’t take shit from anyone but she’s also genuine, loves to chat, dances/sings (even though she can’t), loves animals and is loyal to her family and friends!

I honestly have no use for this girl so um here ya go

Hope it’s okay that her hair isn’t an actual ink style (and that there’s a background and such this was an ‘old’ edit I made for fun and have no use for so I’d figure I’d share it)

Name: Nana (pronounced Non-Na you can change that if you’d like :joy:)

Personality (I’m bad at these so anything you don’t like I don’t mind if you change):
Very Impulsive, Hates to live alone, Straight-forward, Easily bored and Organised.

Thank you @Shuka and @xox_heatherann


The competition closes tomorrow! If I do not have enough entries however, I will have to extend the date!

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