KatieI’s Outfit Shop!

I have no clue where to place this so I’m sorry if I did it wrong :sob:
I got this idea from someone so when I find their username I will link it because you are amazing :purple_heart:
I currently do Ink and Limelight outfits, all you need to do is fill this out :point_down:


Style- (Ink or limelight)
Theme- (Halloween, casual etc)
When- (ASAP or not)

If I do not respond to you or give you your request/s in 2 days you may ask when it’s done but if it’s been less then I will cancel it.
Please give this password Oufits
Or your request will be cancelled.
Respect each other and if you start drama, I will report you. If you have any issues, PM me and we will sort it out.
I currently have no examples so each time I complete one I will add it!
Happy requesting x

~Katie :purple_heart:

Gender- Male
Style- Limelight
Theme- ‘Bad Boy esq’
When- ASAP

password - Outfits

Request Complete!
Requested by @Bumble_Bee
Come back soon :smile:
image image

Great thanks

Theme-prom outfits 5 or 6

password- Outfits

Okay, I’ll have to do it tomorrow as it is really late where I am :grin:

Request Complete! :white_check_mark:
Requested by: @Star-rae
Here is 5 prom outfits limelight style!
Come back soon. :slight_smile:
image image image image image

Hey I’m back can I have another request? I need an outfit that someone who goes to college wears, as I am stuck

Gender- Female
Style- Limelight
Theme- ‘College esq’
When- ASAP
Amount - 5

password - Outfits


Okay, I’ll get onto it when I can!

Cool, thanks

Thanks so much <3

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