Katie's Character Design Shop [OPEN]


In between writing my story I like to help people out with character design, from designing the face to what they will wear. I can help you with ideas or if you have a big group of characters to create, I can certainly help you out.

To begin I need you to tell me;

  • A little bit about your story

  • Names of the characters if you know already

  • Personality Traits

  • Timeframe for the Design

Once you have filled it out, please PM me the Details.

Thank you and enjoy your day/night! :kissing_heart:


On the day of her wedding the mc backs out, she doesn’t want to marry someone without being in love. The love interest leaves the building as well. These two have never meet each other but they meet at a bus stop, and they will meet again but lie about who they are.

Names: Uriah, Alec, and Audrey

Personality: Audrey is immature and fun. Alec is serious but can be fun around the right people, he is also a generous person. Uriah is protective, Confident, Bossy, Leader, Sarcastic af , Determined -; softy when you really know him (only REALLY w/ love interest )

Timeframe: is a month long enough?

What details do you need? And who do I credit?

Ok so it sounds like an arranged marriage?

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