Kats Art Shop! [FREE]

Hi guys, welcome to my Art shop!

  • Please be kind, or I will not take your request.
  • Use the password: Ice cream When requesting. (please blur it out too)
  • Please do not pressure me.
  • Do not take anyone else’s art.
  • Please do not request if I already have 4

  • I can do custom overlays (Just tell me what you want and I will make it)
  • I can make you custom cards

I will change the text to anything you want and you can pick the background.

It will take up to 1 week (depending on how many other requests I have.

I will only take 4 requests at a time.

Requests waiting:


hey would you be able to make a cover for my story and some art screens for the mature themes and strong language and turn up volume message <3 if so i will send details password: **

[spoiler]> ice cream[/spoiler]