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Sure! Just send me your details!


Password?: KathyPcol
Attach an image of the background:pv1_back_INT__BLUE_SCHOOL_HALLWAY___DAY|690x408

Do you want me to recolor it? (If yes which parts):
On the first & second images, I need the lockers in rich emerald color. The same goes to the floor, I need the white tiles in gold color whilst the blue tiles in the same color as the lockers. The doors in gold colors too. The wall will be in the color of cream white.

For the third image, I need the chairs in the same color as the lockers.

Where did you find this background?: itโ€™s Episodeโ€™s HQ
Anything else?: none


Sorry! I do not make anymore background recoloring / edit , I hope you understand!


depends the shortest i have ever had was 2 days and the longest was a month


Ink / Limelight: Limelight
Small / Large / Both: Just a splash
Story Title & Genre: Boys Like Girls Like Me (Romance)
Authorโ€™s Name: KokoTheWriter
Character details?(typed out only): Two characters-- (Character 1) Female Body: Gold 03, Eyebrows: round medium, eyebrow color: deep brown, hair: morning updo, hair color: deep brown, eyes: deepest almond, eye color: brown dark, nose: round button, lips: full round pouty, lip color: neutral medium nude gloss.
(Character two) Male Body: Gold 03, eyebrows: straight medium, eyebrow color: black jet, hair: slicked back, hair color: black jet, eyes: sloping heavy lid, eye color: brown black, face: square long jaw shadow, nose: hooked Grecian, lips: medium heart, lip color: beige deep neutral
Action / Pose: Character one is nervously staring at character two. Character two is handing her his shirt, leaving him shirtless.
Anyhting else? For the pose/action, there is a stain on the female characterโ€™s shirt. Also, the splash reads โ€˜This story contains mature themes and strong languageโ€™
Any specific background?: Cafeteria
Makeup?: Highlight but thatโ€™s about it.

Thank you!


@NightyKat ooh your examples are AWESOME!!!



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