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Hello there
And welcome to…
Drummer Plz

Need art ?!
I am here to make it for you

Firstly you need to follow the rules
No thread hopingif you do thread hoping your request won’t be accepted and you won’t be able to request here anymore
Don’t rush meif you rush me your request won’t be accepted
If I can’t do your request then don’t judge meI will introduce you other artists to make your request at
No drama always be happy and kind
Don’t remove my watermark
You can request as many times as you want
Always credit me you can credit me with/on my Instagram @katy_2art
Use the passwordblur it plz if you don’t know how then let me know and I will tell you
Password: DreamBig

Things I can do:
Edit Backgrounds
Art scenes
And more

If you want send me the outline you want and the deets and the outfit
Character details ( if there is a character)?
Drawn or edited ? (If drawn send a pic of the character(s) in the pose and outfit you want and I can make it more quickly)
LL or Ink?
Outfit(s) (if there are characters)
If it’s a splash what you want it to say
Pose(if you don’t have s pic describe it )
Special details
If it’s (a) cover(s) then the name of the story and who is it by

Working on: @hannahfriend > Art Scene

On hold: @MarkLee > Splash

Have done requests for in this shop(sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged):
@Episode.Golden @Invisible_Waffle

There is unfortunately a problem and for some reason my forums can’t send photos so if you want to request from me you can check out some examples in my IG @katy_2art and get your request through IG

Thanks for requesting :heavy_heart_exclamation:
If you know any way I can develop or you can help me just message me

Have a good morning/noon/afternoon/night


Hey I was wondering if you could make me some splashes?
Warning this story contains mature themes
This story contains sound so turn up your volume
The one about upsetting scenes. I’m not completely sure how they word it,I forgot

If yes, must I send my own background?
if ya can’t, I understand :blush:

Password: DreamBig

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I can :innocent:
Do you need any characters on it ?
You send your own background

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Nope :blush:

images (34)
Could you please write the letters on this background? :slight_smile:

I hope the background will go well with the letters :grin:, I’m bad at choosing backgrounds.

As for the sound could you use this background? :blush:
Hope it’s not too much :slight_smile:

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For the third one ?

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Third one😊

images (35)

And take ur time

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Thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I am going to create them now
Do you have a preferred colour for the letters?

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Well I like purple, but it won’t go with the background, because well yea the background is purple but try purple,if it doesn’t look good then please use Black

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Of course

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Let me know if I can change anything :blush:
The first one
The second one
The third one
You can credit me by and on Instagram @katy_2art

Thanks hun!!
One more question, will your watermark make the splashes get rejected?

Later today may I ask you to make me a ink character card?

I asked someone else,but I asked them to decline it,so I’m not thread hopping I think

Sorry for making so many requests :blush:
Feel free to decline

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No, I don’t think that because of the whatermark the splashes will be rejected :thinking:
sure make as many requests as you want :innocent:

Oki doki I’ll send her details now

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Character pic

Details and clothing


Blow kiss.



Personality: Flirty, sassy, Confident, badass


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Alright just for you to know I don’t do drawn CDCs
I am going to use the picture you sent me to make an overlay of her
Is that okay ?

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Sure thing

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Okay then :blue_heart:

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I am sorry for the wait I have started it but I still need to know
Would you like the outfit and the personality to be on it?
Would you like the character to be edited?
Also do you have preferred colours of letters?
Again sorry if you don’t need it anymore

@Episode.Golden plz answer to the questions so I can make the card

Sorry for the late reply

Sorry I was a bit busy lately
Yes could the outfit and personality be on :blush:
The character doesn’t have to be edited but it would be nice
The letters could be any color