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Is there a deadline?

well i just need it by sunday or monday. but your the artist so take the time you need

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There is no way to get it ready by then but I’ll try my best to get it as fast as possible

Hi :heavy_heart_exclamation:
I’m sorry I don’t have it ready yet I was trying to figure out how exactly to do it but I noticed that you haven’t sent me a pic of the character
Could you send me one?

@MarkLee I need a pic of the characters one full body and one waist up so I can figure out what to do with your splash
@hannahfriend I updated you in the message I sent before but all I need from you is a pic of the character

im so sorry , its fine if you don’t have it ready take your time. here you bb

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It’s k dw
Thank you for the pic!!

im sorry if i made it seem like i was rushing you. You take your time. sorry bb

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No you didn’t don’t worry hun❣️

I’m so so sorry I was sick and couldn’t finish your request but now it’s almost ready
I just need to know
Do you want her to be crying or not?

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Yes please

thank you