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Welcome to

Hey everyone :two_hearts:
This is my first outline contest and I wanted to do it from a really long time so here it is

So every contest has rules right ?
Here are some rules

  • Don’t steel ideas from other artists
  • Use the password Always Dreaming
  • Be kind
  • You can change the outlines a little but remember to make them recognisable
  • Don’t say that others don’t do it good and their art is awful because then you’ll be not welcomed to join this contest or the future ones
  • If you decide to share the art piece(s) you make, make sure to credit me and have my watermark on them
  • If my watermark is missing your entrance will be rejected
  • Always be happy and believe in yourself
    Now some deets
    Firstly the deadline is September 2nd I think that’s enough time for many of you to join
    Also if you don’t have time then don’t join you don’t have too I’ll do more in the future
    There are going to be 5 winners
    Also respect my choice of winners
    You can enter as many times as you want :wink:
    Also plz tag people that you think would like to join

    Here are the outlines
    These are my first outlines ever so plz be kind
Outline 1

Outline 2

Outline 3

Watermark in case you take off the outline

Like I already said there are going to be 5 winners
1st place: 3 backgrounds, an edit ( max 3 characters) and a pfp
2nd place: 2 background, an edit (max 2 characters) and a pfp
3rd place: 2 background, an edit (1 character only) and a pfp
4th place: 2 backgrounds and a pfp
5th place: 1 background and a pfp


Radom tags

@ItzLayla @Rosalinda.Episode @Jess2112 @molly247 @Apart_12345 @Theebee2004 @SofiaxD @queenscribbles @Gushlee @ciciliano @bmc.epsd @DivCp @Seina.episode @CoconutIceCream @nama-ste @ItsTerra @epy.neha @epy.peppermints @Aliciaboo13 @wherearetheturtles @Cocoa_bean23 @Celestial_Night

Banners by @Jess2112


Hi! :revolving_hearts:
Thank you for the tag! :heartpulse:
I’ll join! :two_hearts:

always dreaming

joining :sparkles:

Always Dreaming

I was first :relieved:

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Hey bish :blush:
Long time no see :eyes:

I’m not sure if I will be able to, sorry! :heartbeat:

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That’s okay girl the deadline is September 2nd but if you can’t it’s fine :blue_heart:

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i was sleeping u idiot :unamused:

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Thank you for tagging me! I’ll join if I finally finish everything I need to. :two_hearts:

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Thank you for the tag @Katy_2 !

I’ll definitely join!

Password: Always Dreaming!

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:heart_eyes: Okay then

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:open_mouth:Yesss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can i change the outlines a little bit :pleading_face:

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Yes! Same here with what @ItsLily said!

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I don’t think im gonna join, but good luck to anyone who does :blob_hearts:

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I was first :relieved:

@ItsLily and @Rosalinda.Episode how much do you want to change them?

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Oh okay :ok_hand: