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Hey, I’m Phoenix and I created this because I’m a hugeee fan of Kayla Sloans. This topic article is prettt much where you can discuss and recommend Comedy stories, laugh about your favourite stories and make new friends! Everyone is friends here and nothing is considered stupid.


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I love Kayla’s stories as well. I think she does great work with overlays and actions, and she can effortlessly add humor without forcing it.

I have a theory about what’s going on in Infamous though. Do not read the below if you are not caught up on Infamous or if you have not read Infamous 2.

So, I don’t believe that Psycho is really dead and done with. If you read the questions at the end of the last chapter of Infamous, one said not to read Infamous 2 yet because of spoilers. If you have read Infamous 2, you would know that Psycho is in it quite a bit. She has said before that she is not going to redo Infamous 2, therefore he would still be in Infamous 2. That is why I think Psycho is still alive and she will somehow bring him back to life in future chapters (but probably not until towards the end since she claims she hates him on her Instagram lives). Besides, he is Psycho, it can’t be that easy to get rid of him.

Sorry that was long; I just really needed to share my thoughts on that.

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Yup, I entirely agree! ( Don’t read the next few line if you have not read Infamous and Infamous 2 : Sons Of Evil. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

So when Psycho did that thing, DIED, I straight up didn’t believe it. I knew three things for a fact. WE ALL LOVE HIM. KAYLA LOVES HIM. HE’S PSYCHO. (Duh). And he’s in Infamous 2 : Sons Of Evil. And as you said, Kayla isn’t going to rewrite Infamous 2!



If you want to blur the spoiler text add [+spoiler] and [/spoiler] at the beginning and end of the spoiler, but without the +.

You can also just highlight the text and hit the blur spoiler option.

Thanks, that will be helpful.

Dead 7 is really funny too its kind of similar to infamous 1 and 2


Same! She’s what got me so interested in Episode and writing!

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Same I lost hope and she brought it back

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