Kayla's thread for all!

This thread is for those who need scripting advice, Episode artworks, reviews, Find collab teams and more!



I am personally looking for anyone wanting to read my story, So if anyone wants to read something whilst I try fix the problem or make their art etc… Then be sure to read Mission rebels (Looking for anyone who is interested in making the Art for me too c;)

To be an official mod for my thread (aka be recognised as one of the main helpers) be sure to leave your name, What you specialize in and how often your active.

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Your art.

My art is pretty bad so I am currently looking for a person good at art to help on the thread currently but here is one I made at my nan’s:

I am learning to get better… And this is of my story bonded that I am planning to start. :3

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It doesn’t look super bad!

My names keayn and i could help with putting together the outfits im pretty active but mostly depends tho x. :two_hearts:

Outfits? Sure! Just reply with your characters characteristics, E.g. Funny… mean etc and what features they have such as eyes, nose etc!

Can You Help Me I’m Trying To Put The Baby In The Crib


That’s something I am not too sure about… but if you use an overlay crib then you can simply put &overlay crib moves to layer 1 AND MOM moves to layer 2
&overlay baby moves to layer 0… Other then that… I am not to sure… I recommend asking @DARA.AMARIE she is really nice and an amazing scripter, I’m sure she would know. :3