Keep being kind, wholesome people :)

Hey there, so I haven’t been on the forums for very long but I have met so many wonderfully nice people! Honestly, I don’t have a lot of friends in my real life and have always felt so lonely in life. Ever since being on these forums, I’ve felt less alone. I just wanted to say that I really hope I can make some lasting friends on here because everyone seems like such good people and I need some good people in my life. If you have the time, can you fill out this form? It could help me find some people on here who have things in common with me :grin:

Again, thank you for being so welcoming to anyone who is new here and I hope everyone continues to be kind, wholesome people x

Name (irl, optional):
Favourite Colour:
Age (optional):
Favourite Movie:
Favourite Book:
Favourite Episode Story:
Favourite Musical Artist:
Anything else you wanna tell me:


Here are my answers…

Name ~ {Gia}
Favorite color ~ {Deep red, peach, and purple}
Favorite book ~ {I have too many}
Favorite episode story ~ {Hm, I guess I don’t have one there’s a lot of good authors}
Favorite musical artist ~ {Melanie Martinez}
Hobbies ~ {Reading, writing, drawing-painting, and talking to friends}

I love making new friends, I’ve met some pretty cool people on forums, I don’t have many in real life friends cause a lot of people are fake nowadays, I have about 3 close friends I know I can count on here, I’m different from a lot of people I guess but like I said I love making new real friends.

Name (irl, optional): Samantha
Favourite Colour: Pink, Black, white, green
Favourite Movie: (I have too many)
Favourite Book: Scythe
Favourite Episode Story: Always, The infected, Why don‘t you want me, Falling for Mr. Jerk, Faking Death (LL), Under you …
Favourite Musical Artist: J Balvin, Ariana Grande
Hobbies: handball, basketball, drawing, swimming…
Anything else you wanna tell me: I agree with you

Nice to meet you, Renée :slight_smile:

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I love purple too! I relate to having too many favourite books :laughing: My favourite is The Book Thief. Have you read it?

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Hi! It is very nice to meet you :smile:

My episode name is: Victoriaecs (which stands for Victoria Estefanía C.S. My full name lol)
My favorite color is that blueish kinda grey shade I don’t know if I’m explaining it right. Very deep and very dark.
I’m 24 years old.
My favorite movie could be either Interstellar or the Curious case of Benjamin Button
I think my favorite book at the time it’s A Storm of Swords by GRR Martin
My favorite Episode stories are: Scandalous Secrets, Mystery of the Number Murderer, Hannah Miler’s Mystery and Pathway to Reality (last one is mine :slight_smile: )
My favorite music artist at the moment it’s Myrath (Tunisian Metal band)
And for hobbies I love to be on my bed doing nothing lol, drawing, painting, reading or writing :slight_smile:

Oh I forgot the last one: I’m glad you’re enjoying the episode community both here at the forum and Instagram:)

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I love Interstellar so much! I relate to your hobbies

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Here my answers!


No I haven’t but if I ever find it I definitely will!

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Hi! Here are my answers


Aw, thank you so much :pleading_face:

And Little Mix is amazing omg :heart_eyes:

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Hey! I haven’t really met you, but I’m still glad that you feel less alone here; nobody deserves to feel alone. You also seem really lovely :sparkles::two_hearts:

Name: Haruka
Favourite colour: Yellow :sparkles::yellow_heart:
Age: 14
Favourite Movie: Frozen 2 :snowflake:
Favourite Book: I can’t choose! But I like fantasy, science fiction and mystery.
Favourite Episode Story: Hit and Run, the Disappearance of Olivia Thatcher, Agent Cinderella, Ghostwriter, Maternal Instincts, One of the Girls, and more.
Favourite Musical Artist: I’m not sure. I like Ariana Grande, 5 Seconds of Summer, James Arthur, Ed Sheeran.
Hobbies: I do ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, cheerleading. I also really enjoy reading :books:

If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m here, and you can PM me whenever. Same thing goes for if you’re just bored and wanna chat with someone haha :blob_hearts::yay:

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Name (irl, optional): Maya
Favourite Colour: Mint Blue
Age (optional): 15 in a week. IT COUNTS
Favourite Movie: Anything Marvel
Favourite Episode Story: That’s hard. I guess Back and Forth, or Deaths Game. Pretty much anything by EarlGreyTea
Favourite Musical Artist: Imagine Dragonssss
Hobbies: I like to chop heads off dolls

No lol, I like doll customizing. Its fun
Anything else you wanna tell me: baked cheeeeeeese


Favourite Colour: Black & Blue
Favourite Movie: Brotherly Love
Favourite Book: Double
Favourite Episode Story: I don’t have one, I would have to check .
Favourite Musical Artist: Micheal Jackson
Hobbies: Writing, Running

This is me…

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Here’s mine :point_up:t3:

Name (irl, optional): Liam
Favourite Colour: Orange
Age (optional): 14
Favourite Movie: Home Alone
Favourite Book: The Bible (This is a holy christian server)
Favourite Episode Story: I have never read one
Favourite Musical Artist: Macklemore
Hobbies: Stalking Episode and Doing art

Name (irl, optional): Christine Diane
Favourite Colour: Black, Green
Age (optional): 24
Favourite Movie: 50 Shades Trilogy
Favourite Book: Stars Above by Marissa Meyer
Favourite Episode Story: Falling For Wicked Games by Emily Author
Favourite Musical Artist: Cardi B, Arianna Grande, Camila Cabello, Beyonce and many more favs
Hobbies: Reading novels, cooking, listening to music, writing on Episode