Keep episode crashing

Fix it

where is it crashing? On the app? Writer Portal Previewer?

On app on mobile

How to fix the app? It keeps saying upgrade the app.

Hey there @Coolgirl23, please submit a help ticket to our support team and they’d be happy to help!

@panda10 sounds like you’ll need to upgrade the app. If you’re having issues, I’d recommend you also submit a ticket to the team. :slight_smile:


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I think you should send a support ticket to episode. :grinning:


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Crashing? You mean…

If you mean crashing this is what i said before.

I think you should send a support ticket to episode. :grinning:

I dif


Hi @Coolgirl23 :wave:

Sorry that you are having difficulty with the app. Can you please elaborate a bit on the issues you are having? Thanks!:smile:

Something like this has been happening to me where whenever I try to write it’s really slow and keeps freezing and then something pops up that says the page is not responding.

Sorry to hear this is happening. Two things I would recommend at the moment.

  • Create your own thread asking for help. Include the details of your issue that you provided me. Chances are you will get reply’s and help from the community.

  • Create and submit a ticket with your issue here: so the support team can help you out.


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Thank you!

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