Keep Getting Error: 11 While Previewing an Error Free Script

I’m trying to have a character change outfits whilst performing an animation, pretty standard. The script is error free, nothing’s wrong with it as far as I know, however, every time I preview the story, when I hit the part of the script where the character changes, “Error: 11” pops up above the preview.

Please Help!

Can you send a screenshot please?

I’ve tried many variants of the code to change while performing an animation but it always freezes at this point, no error’s in the script, and the error code pops up above the preview

When you write a change command you can’t add another command after that
@CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT
After that…you can add another line that starts with & and writes the other command.
In your case you have to write:

&ERIU is hug_neutral
@ERIU changes into ERIU_default

Thank you! I wonder why that doesn’t pop up as an error in the script, it was so frustrating!

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It’s something changed from the last update. More of them don’t pop up.