Keep getting 'Error Loading Episode'

I am currently going through this problem of not being able to read newly updated chapters or even completed stories. I get this message ‘No Episodes are currently available for this story. Please check back later’ each time I try to read. Strangely, I can read stories that I’ve not read before, but once I leave the app and try to resume reading the same stories, I’ll get this error message. This is happening to ALL my saved favourites. I see the author has updated, and want to read, but cannot due to this annoying error. I already filed a ticket to Episode and despite all the alternative methods they offered to fix, they all failed, and now they are giving up on helping me. This must be a glitch on their end since the same thing is happening to another device when I transferred. I am so bummed. I guess the only way to fix is to clear my gamestate and restore, but Episode did not respond to this method. There are accumulated tickets and gems and 3 years worth of progress saved and I really don’t want to throw it all away. Can ANYONE tell me I am not alone with this? Does ANYONE know how fix? Feel so dejected right now~!


Maybe it may a bug problem

Yes, and I am looking for a way to fix it.