Keep getting error when i try to do a recap


I keep getting an error about


Example of how I have it in my script:

#beat starts

goto Story

label Story




A goto leads to a label. Here read this on gotos & labels:


You need to have something between the background name and the goto. But you should just put the background after the label instead of before the goto.


Thanks girls! I’m going to try that



now this error i’m getting now when i try it that way


Examples of how to write a label:

label party_city
label PARTY
label city

Examples of how NOT to write a label:

label party city
label party girl
label omg i love parties

Your name for your label can’t have a space in it : )


here us the exact line im getting it at. im trying to end the previous choice which is the recap

Goto end recap_play


it can be goto end_recap_play

The problem is you have a space between end and recap_play


gotcha, thank you! i feel so stupid i didn’t catch it



Solved and closed. :smiley: