Keep getting error when i try to do a recap

I keep getting an error about


Example of how I have it in my script:

#beat starts

goto Story

label Story


A goto leads to a label. Here read this on gotos & labels:


You need to have something between the background name and the goto. But you should just put the background after the label instead of before the goto.

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Thanks girls! I’m going to try that


now this error i’m getting now when i try it that way

Examples of how to write a label:

label party_city
label PARTY
label city

Examples of how NOT to write a label:

label party city
label party girl
label omg i love parties

Your name for your label can’t have a space in it : )

here us the exact line im getting it at. im trying to end the previous choice which is the recap

Goto end recap_play

it can be goto end_recap_play

The problem is you have a space between end and recap_play

gotcha, thank you! i feel so stupid i didn’t catch it

Solved and closed. :smiley: