Keep Overlay During Transition HELP

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to place the same text overlay for two different backgrounds. When I transition from the first background to the second background, I want the overlay to stay in place without disappearing (so that during the fade out, the background fades but not the text). How can I do this?

When the second background is created , try recreating the same overlay and place it the same spot as before? I’m not quite sure on what you mean but maybe what I’ve said will help.

I did that too, but when I fade out from the first background and fade into the second background, the overlay will fade out as well. Is there anyway for me to just fade out the first background, but keep the overlay during the transition?

Not that Ik of. the overlay is in the first scene, so when u transition into the next, the fade out transition will fade out all of it. If you get what I mean.

You could try using a black overlay, putting it at a lower layer and changing its opacity instead of using a transition.

I hadn’t considered this at all! It worked perfectly, thanks so much.

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