Keep Your Head Up


Hello People, I want to know how do new writers like myself or even writers that been doing this for a while, maintain their self-confidence when negative feedback hits you all at once?
I recently wrote a story which I was so excited to put out there. I knew it wasn’t the best but after a few negative reads for reads review, I now think it’s probably bad. I know the reads for reads are meant to help and improve writers but for some reason, I feel like I hit my breaking point. The only positive feedback I received is that the plot is good/interesting however everything else is poop, such as my directing, grammar/spelling, and character development. From my reviews, I got an idea of my story faults and I do plan on fixing them. However, my mind doesn’t feel like it’s totally in it and even though I do like reading, writing, and coming up with new stories I have had moments when I believe maybe I should just give up. I know I shouldn’t and even though I feel pretty alone I know I’m not and I simply need to know are their others out there that had a similar situation? When they felt like giving up but instead coped and fix or coop the problem.


I would say, just ignore them. Yes, they make up your reads but YOU are the writer, not them!

Anisha Xx


What I see from your comment you mainly received negative, but constructive feedback, which means no one wanted to hurt you, but help you to improve your story. I understand you feel upset about this, but if you enjoy writing, you shouldn’t give up.
I received negative feedback only once quite a long time ago, but recently I sort of lost motivation because my new story didn’t get the reads I expected. Then I realized that I’m writing for myself in the first place, because it makes me feel creative, it entertains me. And if there is anyone who likes reading it, even better.


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