Keep your replies civil!

Hello Forum Family,

I wasn’t quite sure where to put this as I want EVERYONE to see it and it is related to every topic. I shouldn’t really have to put this but I feel like it is wise just to keep the community safe and civil.

Lately, I have been noticing a lot of hateful and hurtful (and unnecessary) things in our community. There is just no reason for this to be happening. I mean, by all means, speak your mind and share your opinion. If you find that you have an opposing opinion to one that has already been stated, then sure, share it. Just as long as you are not putting others down and/or name-calling.

Follow Forum Rules!

Here they are, they easy to find, so give them a read!

There is one amazing saying that I always follow, which is, “Treat others the way you want to be treated!” So, if you want to be respected and have your opinion valued by others, then do the same to them. Respect and value what they have to say, even if you don’t agree. If you want to be disrespected and treated harshly by others, then that’s fine too, but just NOT in these forums. Please leave if you wish to behave this way. As this is cyberbullying, (Yes, I said, because that’s exactly what it is. Disrespecting others is always bullying, no matter what form it’s in), and cyberbullying is NOT tolerated here. Not in this community of amazingly talented people, who want to do nothing more than create, read, and make friends.

Replying to hate:
Say you share your opinion and someone replies to this, but they aren’t very polite; they’re rude, insulting, and tell you that you’re wrong. I know our first instinct is to reply back in the same manner, but this only fuels their fire. Plus, this is also considered cyberbullying, as you are now putting them down. You may be saying now, “You get what you deserve,” but all I will say is “be the bigger person.” If one person replies back in a harsh manner, then others will read it just to add onto the hate, and before long we are all turning our community into one that we won’t want to be part of.
There are two ways you can go about a harsh comment:

  1. You can ignore it, move past it and on with the conversation. Probably report it too, depending on how inappropriate it is. Our forum MOD, @Sydney_H, will hopefully be there to put a stop to it as soon as they can.
  2. Respond civilly. Be polite, no insults, and tell them that you are both allowed to have differing opinions and neither of them are wrong. If that person continues, then just tell them that it is everyone’s right to have their own opinion and not be shamed or ostracised for sharing it. Then simply stop replying.

So keep things positive, friendly, and safe. Look after and respect your fellow Episodians and they will do the same for you. Let’s stick together and be supportive of our Episode Forum Family!

Caliope :wink:







You planning a heart-attack? :wink::grin:

Christmas is a good time for this reminder, we should not add poison to the well we drink from, no matter what others do. :v:




This was created in the incorrect sub forum…might want to add creating topics in the correct place to your list of rules :wink:

Also, I am an Admin, not a Mod. Our only forum Mod is @Sydney_H :slight_smile:






We need to treat each other with politeness, say our thoughts in a respectful manner and spread kindness in the Forums :yellow_heart: :blue_heart:


Okay, thank you, Jeremy. Though I did start off by saying that I was unsure of where to put this since it is not actually a list of rules. It is merely a reminder of the rules and an advisory of how to abide by them. So adding where to create topics into my post would be off-topic, being that it’s about replying. :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging: Could you please kindly tell me where you think my topic would be better suited? :wink:

Oh, I am sorry for my mistake here, the reason I said this was because I have noticed that you both deal with forumers who behave inappropriately. :smile:


Feel free to review our forum tutorial which includes info on where to correctly create topics on the forums :slight_smile: Since this is regarding site feedback chances are pretty great that it belongs in site feedback :wink:


Update: Went ahead and moved thread to site feedback :smiley:


Oh okay, thank you. I just had to do something but was just about to do so. You bet me to it. :smile:

Thank you again,
Caliope :wink:



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