Keeping a continuous outfit

How do I keep a continuous outfit going from let’s say episode two to episode three
I Watched a tutorial and I got the coding on it and it worked but I’m unsure if it actually kept the same outfit if that makes sense

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You have to give the choice a name then refer to it later

choice (outfit_day_1)

}“outfit 1”{
@ changes into outfit1

}“outfit 2”{
@ changes into outfit 2

}outfit 3{
@ changes into outfit 3


if (outfit_day_1 is outfit1){
@ changes into outfit1

elif (outfit_day_1 is outfit2){
@ changes into outfit2

@ changes into outfit3

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Okay thank you

Also, a character will stay in the same outfit through out your story unless you change them into a different outfit. So if you changed your character into an outfit in episode 1, they will still be in the same outfit at the beginning of episode 2.



You have to remember the choice by creating flags, then using if/elif statements. Here’s an example:

choice “outfit 1” {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit 1
gain outfit 1
} “outfit 2” {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit 2
gain outfit 2

Then later on…

if (outfit 1) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit 1
} elif (outfit 2) {
@CHARACTER changes into outfit 2

Here’s a video on it.

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Thank you!

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