Keeping Choices/Customizations between stories


Hello! I’ve been working on my first story (not published yet) but was wondering if anyone could share some insight as to how I would be able to transfer the reader’s choices and character customizations between stories (not just between episodes of the same story)?

While I’m okay with putting it all into one big story, I thought it might be better to separate main story arcs from each other into different stories. However, I’m still not sure how to keep customizations and choices which could matter in the new story.

Ideally, I’d love to break my overall story into 3/4 separate story parts, that the reader can finish one, then go to the next, etc. Kind of like the Demi story, Mean Girls, and PLL how the overall story is broken into multiple episode stories. I’m not sure if this is a current capability or not, but any suggestions would be appreciated!


I don’t think it is possible to remember how a character looks like in another story? I think it’s only a feature Episode workers and featured writers get. :heart:


Thanks! That’s what I thought :slight_smile: Still wanted to check on it though


I wish it was a feature though, it would come in handy. :blush:


Not possible sorry


Thanks :slight_smile:


You can just add a cc at the beginning of every story.


Thanks for the suggestion! I might do this-- I guess I’ll see where my story goes for now at least! :slight_smile: