~•Keeping Up With Episodians•~ {AFTERSHOW.}

Yeah. Click the link to read what followed after. I didn’t call anyone out, but I was accused of harassment.


Wtf it was not supposed to look happy btw

Did you read the whole thing?

No not yet I didn’t start yet

I was about to say, you like my suffering?!


:joy: I’m gonna start now when I find the link


I read it :upside_down_face:

That is some tea

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I read until @/AS007 posted their story, I’ll probably read more a bit later. But like, don’t make homophobic comments in the first place. It sets a bad light on the Christians who actually support LGBTQ (moi)

:clap: It’s amazing :sob:

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I’m not homophobic.

No I know, I mean like the person who did make those comments, not you!


Sorry for the confusion :sweat_smile:

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