Keeps repeating part of the story but won't go through the rest of the story. what am I doing wrong?

Someone mind helping me its really frustrating me I’m still on my first episode after two months?!

Ok, first, calm down. lol . Let your mind just relax itself

second, what all do u have in your first episode. talking about yr characters?

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ya calm first? lol

I introduced myself at the beginning the I introduced over of the main characters. Made a customization template for her then I made customization templates for the biological siblings and biological parents but it only shows a preview repeating the main characters and get twin sisters template but won’t show The MC twin brother or her parents templates nor get back story

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Ok, so you introduce your self first. The the other characters. Okay, make sure that your customization template is for all of your character that you want to customize, meaning 1 customization template, cant be used for all of them, so maybe youll just have to copy and paste the whole customization template for each character…hm…try it out and see if it works.

Okay I’ll try but IDK how to do that honestly

Al you need to change in the customization template is your characters name. You can go to to get the template, its easy to put names their instead of going line by line.

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Ok, ill go in steps.

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First, go to then, go to script template, it will show you a list of templates.

Do that first.

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Okay lol I’m there

what style are you using for your story?

Ink or Limelight?

I’m using Ink

Crap, I dont see the template for ink, only limelight. Ok. change of plan.

First, Go to your script then look on the right side of your script, then look down, you will see something that says "Template or Script template’.

LMAO okay

lmbo! :joy::rofl:

I see it

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ok good, add that to your script, it has a box that have your characters names already there so you wont have to type line by line lol

Wait do I click Avatar female from the script template

send a pic. so ill know what yr talkig about. im away from my laptop.