Keeps repeating part of the story but won't go through the rest of the story. what am I doing wrong?

I see it

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ok good, add that to your script, it has a box that have your characters names already there so you wont have to type line by line lol

Wait do I click Avatar female from the script template

send a pic. so ill know what yr talkig about. im away from my laptop.

It’s a bit blurry

Your probably facing a common issue, you need to use multiple character templates, using the same template for different characters causes the use of duplicate labels-- Which is why it will repeat your MC’s customization
Check this thread out and use these templates

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@Rubi101995 check the thread that @Jadlyss send. itll help you. :wink:

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i get confused reading that idk why :frowning:

Look only where it have the ink section, then click the links.

That’s all I get

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this is the first character right?

Adalyna is the MC and the first characters
But yes that’s the first characters

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hm ok. did you look at the rest of the ink details of the thread that @Jadlyss sent?


I fixed it

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Please make sure that you read that thread carefully and thoroughly. There are instructions on how to add the template to your script and change the character name to your own

I promise I got it now lol I had to fix it

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Should I make one entire episode on the back story of the MC

There is an easier way to do this if you haven’t gotten it solved, and from what I’ve seen it now works in INK and LL, I could be wrong, but I read one with it, anyways, just do
@CHARACTER goes to character avatar
it’s repeatable with as many people as you want and only takes one line of script :smiley: