Kelzblogs Art Shop is open


Open for business doing covers, advertisements, video ads with youtube.

Just 6 requirements:

  1. Follow me kelzblogs.

  2. Read my story The New Guy.

  3. Send up to 4 main characters screenshots.

  4. Willing to turn characters into drawings with an app and color it with simple colors black blue red etc.

  5. The title, Author, small description optional, and background optional



Here for all your cover, flyers posters, video ads needs.

I don’t need anything at the moment, but try to put your examples up so people can see them. If you have any good luck!


Hey if you’re looking for quality covers, flyers, poster. Go check out my new website
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Hello, I will be taking request on my brand new website for Covers, Flyer, and Poster so if you are interested in seeing my work please go there and check it out. If you want some artwork done please go to service requirements and fill out my form. If you have already used my services please write a review and I will respond back. If you would like to promote your story on my site feel free to do so just send me the info and your link and will post it. Heres the link to the site

On the website when I try and look at designs it won’t let me. Is that a problem other people are having with it too or is my device just being weird?

I will check on it right now and get back to you

Alright, thank you.

Hello fixed the problems you were having sorry for the inconvenience. Don’t for get to fill out a form if you want to request my serivces

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If you looking for quality covers, flyers, poster and, so much more. Then try Kelzblogs Art Shop. If you like to see my work please go to my website I am also willing to promote your story and do reviews.

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Hey, I do covers, flyer s, and posters so if you’re interested, please hmu on instaram @Kelzblogsartshop and I will do quality work

I like someone to draw Dagger and Blizzard in these poses of Dagger being shy in a tie and Blizzard in this (image below) tugging on his tie? And for the size to be 420x580? Credit will be given

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 14.28.28.png980x688 89.9 KB


@Sydney_H please closed

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Closed by OP request. :wink:

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