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Story title: The Dangerous Fight
Author name: Lynne444
Password: Blue Heart
Drawn or Edited: Drawn
Char deets: James: Body:Tan Brow: Medium Sharp Hair: Spiked Up Hair Chestnut
Eyes: Classic Almond Blue Face: Diamond Nose: Button Lips: Uneven Terracotta. Caitlyn: Body: Olive Brow: Thin Soft Arch Hair: Beach Wave Hair Black Eyes: Upturned Bold Blue Face: Oval Nose: Pointed Lips: Classic Blush.
Pose: Let the girl and boy be next to eachother (with a bit of space ofc) and let the girl be in a fighting stance and let the guy have a little angry expression with a gun in his hands.
Background: Idk, something that gives off a dark vibe
Extras: Make sure that Caitlyn (The girl) wears the Gold Pendant Necklace and that the boy wears the EarPiece with mic thingy. And I’d like for them to wear dark (black) clothes.

Thank you in advance!

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Oh and a small cover please

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Can you please do the art in bigger size as I want for three panels. If it is not then it shows that your art is too small for it Three panels:
1920 x 1136 character image :

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Request completed


Don’t forget to give me credit!


Thank you

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I’d love to request a cover!!
Password: Blue Heart
INK or LL: ink
Drawn or Edited: edited
Story name: The Remix of Us
Author: Liliana or Lili
Char deets:


body - olive
eyebrows - seductive arch
hair - straight, fawn
eyes - upturned bold, blue
face - oval
nose - elven
lips - full round, terracotta


body - tan
eyebrows - medium sharp
hair - boy bun, coral
eyes - gentle almond, white
face - defined triangle
nose - button
lips - uneven, terracotta

Pose: I’d like Della on Grayson’s shoulders hugging him and Grayson to be laughing if that is possible!
Background: whatever you think is good. it is a romance story about two people that fall back into love after their high school breakup when they’re reunited in college.
Extras: could the characters be waist up and contoured?? And I would like the color of the text to be in white and could it be a pretty calligraphy font? The font isn’t necessary overall whatever you think would look best will be great!

thanks so much!!

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Hi! I need large cover, can I have something like this… IMG_4946

Password: Blue Heart
Edited or Drawn : Drawn
Ink or LimeLight : LimeLight

  • Character 1
    Body : neutral 02
    Brow : arched natural (dark brown)
    Hair : long wavy partef (red)
    Eyes : deepset downturned (red)
    Face : triangle defined
    Nose : defined natural
    Lip : full round pouty (red deep gloss)

  • Character 2
    Body : natural 02
    Brow : arched natural (dark brown)
    Hair : Over shoulder braid (blonde medium)
    Eyes : deepset downturned (hazel)
    Face : triangle defined
    Nose : defined natural
    Lip : full round pouty (pink beige gloss)

Title : Let’s Play!
Author : Veronica19
Background : it’s doesn’t matter

Thank you :two_hearts:

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I know I already requested one on the Galaxy Art Shop post, but I have one more request. I would like an art scene. I need it of this girl:

in a hospital gown, holding the yellow baby overlay.
She can be looking at the baby.
The hospital background can be any hospital background, but preferably the juvie one.

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Hello! Are you able to make an overlay of an ink character’s arm?
If so, could it be:
-toffee skin color
-boy arm
-the tattoo used for every ink male character
-the hand in a fist
Thank you!
Password:Blue Heart

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Is my art work done it has been 1 week and I have to first give it to review and get back after 2 days. I can’t start my story because this is needed

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I’m sorry. Can you wait for a few days?


It’s ok can you show how much is your done

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Because I don’t get an answer in Galaxy Art Shop I’m gonig to request here.

Edited or Drawn: drawn
INK or LimeLight: LL
Character details:
Body: Neutral 03
Eyebrows: Arched Natural Dark Black
Hair: Short Straight Tucked Dark Black
Eyes: Female Generic Brown Dark
Face: Heart Soft
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Full Round Flat Top Skin Rose Light Nude Matte

Body: Neutral 03
Brows: Straight Medium Chestnut Brown
Hair: Medium Taper Wavy Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Narrow Almond Deep Smiling Brown Dark
Face: Square Long Jaw Stubble
Nose: Straight Pointed
Lips: Medium Straight Natural Beige Rose

Character poses: it should be looking like this poster but guy’s Alice’s pose and girl is Anthony’s (so Anthony is the one who’s looking at Alice)

Backgruond: it doesn’t matter just black (nor matter their outfits)
Add something else: where is Dirty John should be Nothing like home :wink:

*password: Blue Heart :wink:

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Is my art scene done?

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The pose I have to draw is the one in the photo? What is it?

And the background?

Hi! Can you please do 2 art things for me!
Password: Blue Heart

Character deets: Female; Light Skin; Blue Eyes; Dark Red Lipstick; Diamond Face Shape; Rose Gold braids
Outfit: something sexy, suitable for a party
Pose: leaning on left side with arms crossed
Background: Can the background be something like a party or a house party
Extras: Can the girl look bored and uninterested

Character deets: Male; Black; Brown eyes; pale lips; black afro
Outfit: suit
Pose: rear pose with hands on hips as though staring into nothing
Background: The Earth from the satellite
Extras: none

What should I credit you a small in the photo?
Can I have it as soon as possible!

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Yes, the pose is idle_awkward_scratch_ loop and I want only her half body zoomed. In art scene she should be standing in a position in such a way that she is seeing someone and doing the pose means in art scene there should be her half body and face facing towards us

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School background :smiley:

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Is art scene done ,at least little then please show me.If not done then can you give next week Wednesday by sure

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